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Introduction to the enrollment of advanced students

1. Project Introduction:

Advanced scholars refer to those who have obtained a master’s degree or above, in Beijing University of Chemical TechnologyUnder the guidance of the professor, conduct special research, or study professional knowledge. Normally, the duration of study at school is one year, and you can apply for an extension as appropriate.


2. Application form:

45 Under the age of Non-Chinese citizens with a master’s degree or above and a valid foreign passport.


3. Application steps:

3.1 Online registration

Landing in Beijing University of Chemical Technology for the online registration system for international students, fill in the application form and submit it.


3.2 Submit application materials

  • Application form for advanced scholars. Please register onlinesign the application form
  • Last academic qualification or certificate of enrollment, transcriptMust be original or notarized copies in Chinese or English;
  • Professor’s written recommendation;
  • Research plan (not less than 1,000 words), written in Chinese or English;
  • A copy of the passport, the passport must be an ordinary passport within the validity period;
  • "Beijing University of Chemical Technology Non-degree Foreign Students Admissions Approval Form".


4. Application time:

Before August 31 of each year.


5. Admission time:

At the beginning of September, the specific time is subject to the admission notice.


6. TuitionAnd accommodation fees



7. Living expenses:

Supported by the tutor’s research project funding or paid by the student himself.


8. Medical insurance

International students in China must purchase medical insurance in China. Students can register on the day of registration their own purchase medical insurance. For those who have not purchased the required medical insurance, registration procedures will not be processed.


9. Visa

Admitted students must present their admission notice and visa application form (JW201/202) to the Chinese Embassy to apply for a visa in China. Those who study for more than 6 months must apply for an X1 visa, and those who study for six months can apply for an X2 visa.


10. Contact method:

Mailing address: Beijing University of Chemical Technology International Education CollegeInternational Student Office

Postal Code: 100029



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