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Hold experience exchange meeting

To further enhance the understanding and understanding of the international education college's 2018 junior students on domestic insurance, study abroad, scientific research development, career planning, etc.

The International Education Institute invited 5 domestic and foreign outstanding graduates and alumni to share their experience, in March On the morning of the 5th.

The fourth online seminar will be held. Wang Yongsheng, Vice Dean of the International Education College, Zhang Hong, Director of the Teaching and Academic Affairs Department, and Zheng Mengying, Director of Overseas Education, attended the lecture. This sharing session was hosted by Zhang Hong.




Wang Yongsheng first expressed his warm welcome and gratitude to the five outstanding graduates on behalf of all the teachers and students of the college.

He pointed out that the International Education College is a warm family. Some outstanding graduates have flourished at home and abroad after graduation, and some are about to spread their wings. School students. Thank you all for getting together to exchange information.

Before the start of the lecture, Zhang Hong introduced the sharers of this lecture. They are classmate Wang Liang of SINOMACH 16th grade, Zhanping classmate of SINOMACH 16, class 15 Yang Kuangying of SINOMACH, a senior classmate of SINOMACH 14, and SINOMACH 15 Chabozhou classmates (arranged in order of sharing).

The first sharer, Wang Liang, participated in a one-year study abroad experience at the University of Detroit and went to Harbin Institute of Technology to continue studying robotics.

Liang Wang encouraged students to try and experience the teaching concepts and thinking methods of foreign universities through their own examples. The precious experience of studying abroad will bring everyone an unforgettable experience and play a positive role in promoting everyone's subsequent academic development. 




The second sharer is Ren Zhanping, the 16th-grade student of National Student. After participating in the National Student ESF program, he applied to the Johns Hopkins University and continued to study biomedical engineering.

At the sharing meeting, Ren Zhanping gave the students exclusive advice on applying for foreign institutions independently, and the preparations for the senior year.




The third sharer is Yang Kuangying, a national student of 15th grade. Both masters and doctors are studying at Washington University in St. Louis.

In this exchange, she provided bioengineering students with sharing of future graduate professional directions and encouraged students to choose their professional directions based on their own circumstances and become interdisciplinary comprehensive talents in the future.




The fourth sharer is a senior classmate of SINOMACH. He is currently studying for a Ph.D. candidate at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. His research direction is medical robots.

Image-guided robotic surgery, and remote control of robots. In the sharing session, he showed the future direction of medical robots in the robotics profession for the younger students.




The fifth sharer is a classmate from SINOMACH in Chapo State, who is currently studying at the University of Pennsylvania.

At the exchange meeting, Chabozhou introduced the connection between graduate professional courses and undergraduate courses and pointed out that the courses taken during the senior year at the University of Detroit laid a good foundation for graduate courses, and encouraged all students to study seriously in the senior year. Foreign courses lay a good academic foundation for graduate students.




At the end of the activity, Mr. Zhang Hong expressed his heartfelt thanks to the five graduates and all the students who participated actively, and the fourth lecture of outstanding graduates ended successfully. Through this exchange and sharing meeting.

I believe that the students will gain a lot in the major selection, study abroad, postgraduate entrance examination application, career planning, etc., and benefit a lot. I hope everyone will make early plans and preparations for their studies and careers, and achieve success in their studies!

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