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Huang hengshuo published papers

In January 2021, as the first author, Huang Hengshuo, a 2015 national student from our college, published the title "Transient physical gas absorption in a stirred liquid using the surface renewal model of mass transfer" in the journal "Chemical Engineering Science" article.

This article proposes a strict non-steady-state physical gas-phase absorption surface renewal model. In this model, when the gas-phase mass transfer resistance is zero and finite, the concentration of dissolved gas in the main liquid phase is a function of time.

Using the experimental parameters of oxygen and hydrogen absorption under 25℃ water and atmospheric pressure in the literature, the prediction of the model shows that the gas absorption rate and the gas-dissolved-liquid ratio exhibit reverse behavior during the initial absorption process, and then.

With water The dissolved gases become more and more saturated, they merge into a single curve and continue to decline. Except in a relatively short period of time.

The prediction results of the dissolved oxygen concentration using the strict model match the prediction results of the standard pseudo-steady-state model used in the literature. The highlights of the study are:

1. Strict surface renewal model of non-steady physical gas absorption.

2. The model considers both the gas absorption rate and the dissolved gas transfer rate.

3. The two rates are in inverse proportion.

4. The law of resistance addition is only valid under steady-state conditions.

5. The linear driving force form of mass transfer rate has theoretical validity only under certain conditions.






The first author of this article is Huang Hengshuo, a 2015 national student in our school, and the corresponding author is Huang Hengshuo's tutor, Professor Siddharth Chatterjee.

School of Environmental Science and Forestry, State University of New York. Professor Siddharth Chatterjee wrote to our college to praise Huang Hengshuo's mathematical ability and scientific research ability.

The publication of Huang Hengshuo's scientific research results is also a manifestation of the effectiveness of the training of students from Beijing University of Chemical Technology and the School of Environmental Science and Forestry of the State University of New York in "Bioengineering" majors.

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