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Vaccinated against the new crown

To protect the health of teachers and students, a Great Wall of Immunization will be built together. By the relevant policies of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of Beijing and Chaoyang District.

On April 22, our hospital organized our school's international students to go to the Bili Jackson Clinic to receive the new crown vaccine. The vaccination work was carried out under the principle of "informed and voluntary".




In this epidemic, the Chinese government upholds the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind. It was the first to commit to making vaccines a global public product.

At the same time, it joined the "New Coronary Pneumonia Vaccine Implementation Plan" and the "Global Cooperation to Accelerate Development, Production, and Fair Access to New Coronary Pneumonia Vaccines. "New Tools for Pneumonia Prevention and Control" initiative.




Jabari, an international student from Pakistan, said: "I am very happy to be vaccinated with the vaccine made in China. I feel very good. Thank you very much for the arrangement of the teacher and the school."

Abala, an international student from Nigeria, said: "I didn't have any adverse reactions after being vaccinated with the new crown vaccine made in China.

Thank you very much to the Chinese government for giving us international students the opportunity to get the vaccine."So far, the vaccination rate of foreign students in China has reached 88.4%.




The new crown vaccination work for international students in China this time is a powerful expression of the Chinese government's "people first, life first" concept.

The development and distribution of new crown vaccines are by no means competition between countries, enterprises, and enterprises, but humanity and the virus.

The decisive battle. China Vaccines assists the global fight against the epidemic and is the first to set an example in China. Whether it is to provide vaccination to international students in China or to use vaccines as a global public product on a global scale, all of them reflect "China's responsibility" and "the responsibility of a big country."

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