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Pilot education for freshmen held successfully

At 12:30 noon on October 28th, the 2020 Freshman Pilotage Engineering Theme Education and the Appointment Ceremony of the Class Teacher of the International College was successfully held in the 313 lecture hall of the Student Activity Center of Shahe Campus. The event invited Wang Jiankun, the head of the Student Affairs Department, the Armed Forces Department, and the Director of the Student Department to give a theme report to the freshmen. Liu Rui, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the International College, Ni Yan, director of the Student Affairs Office, and representatives of the 2020 class teacher and counselors attended the lecture. The representatives of the 2020 freshmen attended the lecture. The activity was hosted by Teacher Ni Yan.


The first is the headteacher appointment ceremony. Director Wang Jiankun will issue the letter of appointment to the representative of the Class 2020 class teacher of the International College, and Secretary Liu Rui will issue the letter of appointment to the representative of the instructor of the student interest group of the college.


Afterward, Director Wang Jiankun gave an educational lecture on the pilotage engineering theme for the 2020 freshmen with the theme of "Being an Excellent You". From three aspects: how to quickly integrate into university life, how to create a wonderful university life, and strive to be an outstanding youth in the new era, and achieve an outstanding life, he answered the doubts of freshmen about university life simply and simply and pointed out that students should take care of the "small home" in the dormitory. , To build the class "everyone", assume personal and social responsibilities, and gather collective strength. Minister Wang Jiankun emphasized in the lecture: college students must have lofty ideals and pursuits and focus on cultivating their own leadership; they must have an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, focus on physical and mental quality and humanistic qualities; and encourage students to make classrooms, libraries, and sports grounds become university life The main battlefield of the world; do a good job of time management, so that every minute is full of value, to strive to become a new era youth of all-round development. At the end of the lecture, Director Wang Jiankun led everyone to review the important speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the 100th Anniversary of the May Fourth Movement and hoped that the students would continue to work hard and strive to do more in the four years of university study and life. Excellent self.


Through this freshman pilot project education lecture, the students not only have a profound and comprehensive understanding of university life planning, but also strengthened their sense of pride and collective honor as a student of the National Academy of China and a student of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and established a new era of competition. The goal of the youth. The young generations are the witnesses and builders of the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. I believe that the students will be able to achieve high ambitions in the next four years of university life, keep their feet on the ground, keep their original aspirations, forge ahead, and "spread thousands of miles and national heritage." Pass on the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications spirit of "being", bravely be a waver in the new era, let off youth dreams, and write a chapter of life in the vivid practice of realizing the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.











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