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The first week back to school is over

From March 22, 2021, the International College of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications welcomes the first teaching week after students return to school in the warm spring breeze.
A total of 42 courses undertaken by teachers of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications have been taught offline and 17 courses undertaken by the Queen Mary University of London have been combined with live and recorded teaching.

College leaders attach great importance to teaching. To ensure the smooth and smooth progress of offline teaching work, the International College has made relevant preparations, notified teachers and students of teaching-related matters in advance, and communicated with the partner institution Queen Mary University of London, UK. In the first week after returning to school, Dean Guo Li and other college leaders inspected the class, listened to student feedback, and effectively organized and ensured the smooth progress of teaching.






Students actively study offline. After 3 weeks of online teaching, the students returned to school with anticipation and started offline learning of Chinese courses in the classroom. Teachers and students in the classroom conduct face-to-face teaching activities and communicate and interact promptly. The teachers are instructive and the students actively participate, and the classroom effect is better.






Smart classrooms help online teaching. Due to the impact of the epidemic, teachers at the Queen Mary University of London still use the Microsoft Teams platform to teach online this semester. To provide students with a better learning environment and further enhance the teaching effect, with the strong support of the Office of Academic Affairs, the International College has used the smart classrooms in the S1 teaching building for all English courses this semester. To ensure that the new classroom equipment of the International College can be successfully used in the new semester, the teachers of the Academic Affairs Office used the winter vacation time to debug the S1 teaching building according to the teaching needs of the International College and made every effort to ensure the smooth progress of teaching. When the students walked into the smart classroom for the first time, they admired and expressed their joy.










Remote teaching strives to ensure the quality of teaching. During the distance teaching period, the English teachers can go online in advance, teach in strict accordance with the school's teaching requirements, and increase the proportion of live lectures according to the course arrangement. Teachers in charge are adequately preparing lessons, and every classroom has teaching assistants to organize teaching activities in the classroom. The students are also very enthusiastic, listen to the class carefully, interact actively, and the classroom atmosphere is active! Teachers and students overcome various difficulties together and work hard on the journey of learning!


In the new semester, students returning to school to learn are exciting, smart classrooms escort online teaching, and teachers' hard work and dedication add luster to teaching activities. Under the guidance of the school, the International College will continue to do a good job in the teaching of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, and further improve the quality of teaching.

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