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"Game cup" semi-final held successfully

On October 27, 2020, the Sixteenth Game Cup Semi-final of the International College of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications officially kicked off in classroom N113. The guests attending this debate included Cheng Luwei and Wen Jiabao, captains of the 18th-level debate team, and Zhang Jiaqi, a member of the 19th-level debate team. The topic of this debate is whether there is a moral problem with the abuse of virtual game NPC.

At the semi-finals, the top four classes, with reasonable and rigorous logic and relaxed language, fully demonstrated the speculative, international and comprehensive nature of the problem thinking of the students of the National Academy of China. It fully embodies the characteristics of contemporary young people who are knowledgeable and comprehensive and are both liberal arts and sciences, allowing students to witness the wonderful integration of rationality and sensibility, and feel the charm of the collision between virtual and reality.


The spring breeze is green again with Beijing Post, and China is regaining the sun, the youth is just right, and the speech is passionate.


The semi-finals have already been won and the winners are Class 16 and Class 17. I hope they can bring us more exciting performances in the finals.


Let’s look at the revolving world: perseverance, the spirit of self-improvement; the tolerance and the vigor of virtue; let’s watch the students of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications go to the debate battlefield again; let’s watch the final scene on November 3rd, the champion will eventually Who will get it.





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