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"Innovation is simple" seminar held successfully

On the afternoon of October 26, the 2020 International College "Innovation is simple" theme lecture organized by the Science and Innovation Practice Department of the Youth League Committee of the International College was successfully held in the Comprehensive Teaching Building N104 of the Shahe Campus of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. In this lecture, Mr. Han Kangrong, director of BUPT WIN Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Practice Base, was invited to introduce students to how to start and do an innovative project.


The lecture started at 4:30 in the afternoon. Mr. Han Kangrong first introduced the common questions of innovation and entrepreneurship beginners with a VCR and explained the blank blind spots of the students about the basic knowledge of innovation projects. With the "Cloud Drip Irrigation" big data information platform, "Magic Riding" indoor fitness bicycle game, intelligent skateboard teaching system, 3D virtual AI partner, drunk cocktail printer, fun campus food purchasing, and other innovative and entrepreneurial examples, teacher Han Kangrong leads the way The identity of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications has pointed out the direction of innovation and entrepreneurship for the students from the source analysis of the innovation projects of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, the ways of discovering innovative ideas, and the formation of teams, which has greatly benefited the students. In the business model and project display part, Mr. Han clearly listed the main points of work and the problems that need to be avoided. With the aid of PPT, he vividly described how to complete a relatively complete project. At the end of the lecture, under the guidance of the teacher, the students turned their attention from the school to the cooperation between the schools, which further broadened the scope of innovation and entrepreneurship of the students. Finally, with the warm applause of the students, the lecture came to a successful conclusion.


This "Innovation is simple" theme lecture not only helped the students understand the essential elements of doing a good job in innovation and entrepreneurship projects but also resolved the students’ perplexities and provided important support for the students to successfully participate in the innovation and entrepreneurship projects. I hope that this lecture can provide students with some new ideas and new methods, allowing them to step out of the campus, look at society and real life, think about and solve problems from a new perspective, and become excellent science and innovation talents.











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