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"Time slow delivery" activity successfully concluded

At noon on October 30 and 31, 2019, the "Time Slow Delivery" event organized by the Rights and Interests Department of the International College Student Union was held in the QR Code Square on the Shahe Campus of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. The theme of this event is "Send the sun, moon, and stars to tomorrow", allowing students to feel the poetic "slowness" in a busy life by writing letters, cherish precious time, and pay attention to the beauty in life.


At 11:30 on October 30th, the activity started under the eager anticipation of the students. The letter opening was very lively, and students rushed to receive the letter paper first, hoping to express their longing for friends and relatives or hope for the future by writing letters. There are also many classmates stopping in front of the wish wall-they either lower their heads to write down their wishes or raise their heads to silently read the content on the wishing wall. The Wish Wall provides a window for students to exchange feelings and wishes. In the evening, the creative evening activities began. Although the sky is getting darker and the temperature is falling, this has not been able to cool everyone's enthusiasm. The students from the Rights and Interests Department arranged the scene in advance-exquisite lantern riddles, brilliant lights, and bunches of fragrant flowers, which cleverly mobilized the atmosphere of the scene. The students brought the written letters one after another, hoping that they would be delivered to the recipients. At the event site, some students shined in the lantern riddles guessing activity and received exquisite prizes; some students were lucky enough to receive a handful of gypsophila from the officer of the Rights and Interests Department and recorded a warm blessing video. In addition, many students participated in the "Drifting Bottle" activity to pass on their encouragement and love to people they had never met before. The passionate singing of mysterious guests also made this evening event a lot more colorful. For a time, the two-dimensional code square "sings and laughs together, and the stars and lights are the same."


At noon on the 31st, the students from the Ministry of Rights and Interests received letters for the last time. After the reception work is over, the staff is still busy, carefully pasting and sorting each letter, and carefully escorting these letters full of friendship. The event is nearing its end, but many students still come to participate. In the end, the "Time Slow Delivery" event came to a perfect end on the evening of the 31st.


The "Time Slow Delivery" activity aims to help students slow down in their busy lives, give themselves a chance to think, write a letter quietly, so that they have a deeper understanding of the future and life; they also know how to be grateful, Cherish friendship and family affection more. I hope that this activity can lead students to develop the habit of thinking, recording, and reflecting; express their heart and cherish time bravely; become a young man of age who loves life and is passionate about life.


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