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International Academy holds Classin software training meeting

In order to strengthen the quality of online teaching, further develop the organic combination of electronic technology and teaching and education. On April 1, 2021, the International College held a "Classin Software Training Conference" in Chongde Building 509. The Vice Dean of the International College Lu Hua, teaching management teacher Jiang Tao, counselor Ye Tingting, and dormitory administrator Zhou Lizhen attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Classes introduced the advantages of the Classic software, a number of auxiliary teaching functions, and its operating procedures to the teachers in detail. The use of Classes software for online auxiliary teaching has been unanimously recognized by teachers. Classes software has multi-channel video communication technology, complete global deployment of cloud communication system, and its unique student management, an interactive electronic blackboard, blackboard sharing, answering device, and other functions, which provide students with more sense of participation in online teaching, So that teachers' teaching is more accurate and scientific, and students' learning is more convenient and active.

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