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International College Holds Online Recognition Conference for International Students

Since the start of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work, in response to the call of the national education department to "suspend classes without stopping", the International College has also launched online teaching activities and cultural and sports activities. During the period, all teachers and students of the International College worked together to overcome the difficulties. Students from various countries have overcome multiple difficulties such as network barriers and time differences, and persist in online learning and online activities. In order to further boost morale and give full play to the leading role of typical demonstrations, on the afternoon of June 24, 2020, our school held an online commendation conference for the International College of Beijing Materials University. He Mike, Vice President of Beijing Materials University, Han Xing, Dean of International College, Lu Yinan, Deputy Director of International Department, and Lu Hua, Vice Dean of International College, attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Ye Tingting, a counselor from the International College.

The first item of the conference was to broadcast the poem recitation video "I Miss You China, I Miss You Beijing" co-produced by international students. The readers were full of emotions and expressed their misses for China and Beijing in their own words.

For the second item of the conference, teachers will announce the list of winners and present awards to the winners. First of all, Mr. Lu Hua, the deputy dean of the International College, awarded the "Positive Performance" awards to 28 students, including Xu Siting and Lin Wenli, who were active during the epidemic, and said that they have made greatness in smallness and witnessed extraordinary in ordinary.

Then, Mr. Lu Yinan, deputy director of the International Office, awarded Zhang Bo the "Outstanding Volunteer" award. She believed that this student's actions were a true portrayal of "knowing each other, willing to accompany each other, love with each other, and each other with heart".

Subsequently, Han Xing, the dean of the International College, announced the list of students who won the "Outstanding Foreign Student Leader" award. The winners were Huang Jialiang and the other 7 students. He said that these students used the spirit and actions of dedication and dedication to serving the college in the hearts of the students. They have established a piece of spiritual monuments. Their steadfast and self-discipline spirit is worth learning from every student.

At the end of the commendation session, Vice President He Mingke awarded Wang Jiahao and the other 13 students with the "Pacemaker for Learning" award. He hoped that the students would be willing to be a stream of continuous running water day and night, and implement the will of steel into the study and life. The faith and action of "Aspiration, All-in-One" reach the river of dreams and the other side of the goal. During the commendation process, Mr. He Mingke, the vice-principal, spoke to the award-winning students cordially, expressing his concern for the students.

On the third item of the conference, the outstanding student representatives Xu Siting and Huang Jinling gave speeches. They expressed that they will continue to work hard in the future, set a good example for their classmates, and live up to the expectations of the school and teachers.

On the fourth agenda item of the conference, Vice President He Mingke delivered a speech for the conference. First of all, the vice principal He Mingke congratulated all the students who received the commendation, expressed encouragement for the students who did not receive the award, fully affirmed and praised the work of the students, and said that in the face of natural disasters, people are sometimes small, but people It is also very great. We have the belief that we will be able to overcome this epidemic. All teachers and students of the school are worried about your safety and hope to see you on campus soon.

On the fourth agenda of the conference, Teacher Ye Tingting, the counselor of the International College, gave a systematic explanation to the students on the scholarship application process and other issues and gave a simple online answer to the students’ daily problems.

At the end of the conference, Mr. Han Xing, the Dean of the International College, and Mr. Lu Hua, the Deputy Dean of the International College, made supplementary speeches for the conference. They said that the conference allowed them to see the outstanding performance of the students and hoped that the students would be full of enthusiasm. The high morale is devoted to studying and life, and I also hope that everyone can get together in school as soon as possible, learn together and make progress together.

Through this commendation meeting, international students felt the importance and concern of the school for their lives and the encouragement for their learning. I hope that students will continue to work hard, work hard, seize opportunities, bravely innovate, report to the school with outstanding results, give back to the world with practical actions, and write a glorious chapter in life!

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