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International College Holds Opening Ceremony for 2020 International Students Freshmen

On the morning of September 28, 2019, the International College of Beijing Wuzi University held an online opening ceremony for the 2020 international students. Han Xing, Director of the International Department of Beijing Wuzi University, Lu Hua, Deputy Dean of the International School, Ye Tingting, Student Affairs Management Counselor of the International School, Zhou Lizhen, a dormitory administrator, and An Yanyan, the secretary of the International School, attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Lu Hua, Deputy Dean of the International College.

The first item of the ceremony was delivered by Han Xing, director of the International Department of Beijing Materials University. He welcomed the new students to join the big family of Beijing Materials University. At the same time, he put forward the following hopes to the freshmen: First, to be a pursuit and ideal person , Can’t be taken lightly, we must always embrace and pursue ideals; the second is to be a person who can communicate, learn, and live, learn to be a psychological adult, understand responsibility, communicate, and tolerate; third, To be a person with a conscience, understanding of gratitude, and knowing how to return, you must be grateful to all those who care about you, and live up to their expectations of you.

The second part of the ceremony was delivered by representatives of freshmen and old students: Xu Siting, chairman of the Student Union of the International School of Beijing Materials University, spoke on behalf of the old students. She believed that as long as there is perseverance, the dream in her heart can be realized. I hope that the freshmen can achieve their own future in Wuyuan. Next, Sudanna from Laos will speak on behalf of the 2020 freshmen. She said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. She has made detailed plans for her future study and life. She hopes that when the epidemic is over, she will be a " "Old" students of "China Pass".

The third item on the agenda of the ceremony, due to the severity of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the new students were unable to come to the school to study and live in person. The old students carefully prepared an introduction to the campus scene for them, showing them a beautiful view of the courtyard.

Next, Ye Tingting, the student affairs management counselor of the International College, will explain the relevant reward and punishment system on campus for the freshmen. She mainly emphasizes the evaluation method of international student scholarship, other related scholarship evaluation methods for international students, and the school discipline and school rules for international students. She also pointed out two things in particular. One is that if there are acts of spreading religion and religious gatherings in the school, they will be expelled from the school. The other is that foreign students are not allowed to find employment, engage in business, or engage in other business activities during their studies at the school. .

On the fifth agenda item of the ceremony, An Yanyan, the secretary of the International College, explained in detail the issues related to the academic administration system for the freshmen. She explained the freshmen's curriculum arrangement, training plan, course assessment, supplementary/re-examination and other teaching aspects. She also taught the freshmen to use the school's educational administration system. At the end of the speech, she expressed her welcome to the freshmen.

In the end, the opening ceremony was concluded with the warm wishes of the teachers, and we are looking forward to the new life of the 2020 freshmen in Beiwu!

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