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Fan Jingzhong's new book "Art and Civilization" is published

A few days ago, the new book "Art and Civilization" by Professor Fan Jingzhong of our school was published.

"Art and Civilization" is the accumulation of decades of academic thinking by Professor Fan Jingzhong. With a broad cultural vision, he conducts multiple observations on the development of Western art. He not only outlines the historical evolution of Western art from its origin, growth, and transformation in depth and detail but also fascinatingly combs the internal and external context of the development of Western art. The intricate and complex relationship between social influences includes both a macroscopic overall grasp and detailed interpretation of specific details, which are vast and subtle.

The "Art and Civilization" series focuses on Western art and Western civilization. By combing through the 20,000-year history of Western art, it directly hits the scene of civilization behind the artwork. The book traces back to the origin of art, from primitive art downstream, passing through ancient Greek, ancient Roman art, and Gothic architecture, interspersed with an interesting history of Chinese and Western manuscripts, and finally to the new one represented by Giotto. The era opened the prelude to the Renaissance. "Art and Civilization: Lectures on the History of Western Art (Original Art-Medieval Art)" consists of forty lectures, each focusing on a work of art or an artist. In order of time, with "art as the spokesperson of civilization" as the core point of view, the discussion focuses on two aspects of "art knowledge" and "eyesight". The content not only focuses on traditional categories such as architecture, statues, and paintings but also music and books. The extension of broad fields such as culture, philosophy, etc., is interspersed with Chinese art from time to time for comparison.

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