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Scholarship for international students

In order to encourage and fund outstanding international students who are interested in studying at the China Academy of Art and have excellent academic performance, the China Academy of Art has established the "China Academy of Art International Student Scholarship". In view of the particularity of our art academies, the selection conditions and selection rules are as follows:


1) Scholarship content and standards

1. Doctoral students: 40,000 RMB/year.

2. Master's degree students: 30,000 RMB/year.

3. Undergraduate: 20000 RMB/year.

4. Advanced students: ①Chinese language students: 6000 RMB/year; ②Chinese painting and calligraphy advanced students: 12,000 RMB/year. (Only for advanced students of the International Education College)


2) Open professional

All majors offered by the China Academy of Art.


3) Applicant qualifications

1. Applicants must be international students (including undergraduates, postgraduates, and doctoral students) who have been awarded the Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship.

2. The applicant is an advanced student of the International Education Institute of China Academy of Art for more than one year (including one year).

3. Applicant conditions:

① Those who have no record of penalties and arrears;

② Evaluation will be conducted based on examination results and overall performance.

4. Applicants must actively participate in various activities organized by the Zhejiang Provincial Government and schools.

5. Those who have the following conditions are not allowed to apply for scholarships:

① Those who have an attendance rate of less than 85%;

② Those who fail in grades.


4) Application date

Please refer to: for the specific notice of "Notice Announcement"


5) The application process

1. Please log in: and go to "download", download and complete the "China Academy of Art International Student Scholarship Annual Application Form", and submit it to the professional department office. After the professional colleges and departments are approved, they will be handed over to the International Education College by the college system.

2. In accordance with the "Interim Rules for the Selection of International Student Scholarships of China Academy of Art", the School of International Education will conduct a preliminary evaluation of the applicant's various conditions, select recommended candidates, and submit them to the head of the General Academy for review and approval.

3. The list of winners who have been reviewed and approved by the competent leadership of the General Court will be announced on a list for rewards.


6) Application materials

1. "China Academy of Art International Student Scholarship Annual Application Form" (The form must be signed by the supervisor's opinion and stamped by the professional department's opinion)

2. Transcript (The transcript must be officially printed and stamped by the school's academic affairs office or graduate school)

Note: The scholarship is selected once every March, and only those who pass the evaluation can enjoy the scholarship for that academic year.


7) Contact

Office of International Education College of China Academy of Art

Post Code: 310024

Phone: 0086-571-87164712

Fax: 0086-571-87164712




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