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Students enlisted in the army

September 10 is not only Teacher's Day but also a day for the farewell party for the students who joined the army. Relevant leaders of the People's Armed Forces Department of the districts and sub-districts participated in the farewell party with recruits from the China Academy of Art and their families. Sun Xudong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the China Academy of Art, extended cordial greetings to the enlisted students. The teachers presented sympathy items to the students; on the occasion of Teacher's Day, these six students presented flowers to the teachers. They took their pens to join the military, joined the army, practiced "war for art" with courage and enthusiasm, and lived up to the teachings of the teachers.

Since the start of school at the end of April, our school has fully responded to the call of the state and actively promoted the publicity and launch of students' enrollment in the military. Through the Internet, propaganda slogans, live broadcast rooms, etc., patriotic national defense education was fully promoted, which effectively mobilized students' enthusiasm for enlistment, enhanced awareness, and achieved good results.

Up to now, it has been nearly half a year since the start of the conscription work. During this period, six are about to start their military careers. They are Zheng Chentao of the 2016 Public Art Education Department of the School of Art Management and Education, Xu Haolun of the 2016 Recording Art of the School of Film and Animation Art, Zang Qucheng of the 2019 Industrial Design Major of the School of Innovation and Design, and the 2018 Place of the School of Sculpture and Public Art. Wang Zhang Yipeng of Space Art, Hu Yihan of Industrial Design of the School of Innovation and Design of 2019, Zheng Zhiyuan of Digital Publishing of Shanghai Design Institute of 2016.




These young students will embark on a new life journey and light up the glorious identity of "soldiers". Pride and farewell were mixed, and friends sent their blessings. From childhood dreams of military uniforms to the way to join the military at university. The road to dream chasing is full of opportunities and thorns. What they need to face is the separation from relatives and friends, the new environment, strict rules and regulations, and the responsibilities that belong to the military.

From students to soldiers, they are exactly the portrayal of Wenneng's writing to settle down the world, and Wu Neng's horse guarding the frontier. Let us remember the youth they interpreted with courage, and bless them and encourage them!

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