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Health insurance and hospitals

International students must apply for insurance in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Chinese government and school requirements.

Public-sponsored students: The Chinese government provides "Comprehensive Medical Insurance for International Students in China": including accidental injury medical insurance, hospitalization medical insurance, disability insurance, and death insurance.

Self-supported students: must pay additional insurance premiums. The China Academy of Art provides the "Comprehensive Medical Insurance for International Students in China" consistent with publicly funded students.

In order to protect your insurance interests, please keep all relevant documents, receipts, certificates, etc. When applying for an insurance escort, you must provide detailed materials (including a copy of your passport, hospital diagnosis certificate or accident certificate, medical records, various medical examination reports, prescriptions for medicine expenses, detailed examination items, and medication lists and hospitalization receipts, Discharge report, etc.).

International students who have obtained medical insurance can browse the "Study Abroad Insurance Network": for relevant information.

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