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Chinese Government Scholarship (category B)

"Chinese Government Scholarship-Independent Enrollment Program for Chinese Universities" (Category B) is a full scholarship program for international students established by the Ministry of Education of China. Entrusted by the Ministry of Education of China, the China Academy of Art recruits full-time graduate students from all over the world.


1) Scholarship content and duration

1. Scholarship content:

Full scholarship
Exemption of tuition fees;

Provide free on-campus accommodation;
Provide scholarship living expenses ;
Provide comprehensive medical insurance for international students in China;
Note: For detailed scholarship content, please refer to the "Introduction to Chinese Government Scholarship" webpage of the China Scholarship Council


2. Scholarship period

The duration of the scholarship is the same as the academic system of our school.


2) Application channels and application time

Applicants apply directly to the China Academy of Art and pass all materials through the International Student Admissions System of China Academy of Art

(Https://, fill out and submit online.

Application deadline: April 5th each year.


3) Applicant qualifications

1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens and in good health;

2. Applicant's academic qualifications and age requirements:

Applicants for a bachelor's degree must have a high school diploma and be at least 18 to 25 years old

Applicants for a master's degree must have a bachelor's degree (applicants are under 35 years old)

Applicants for a doctorate must have a master's degree (applicants must be under 40 years old)

3. Excellent academic performance.

4. No other scholarships have been obtained at the same time.

5. Language proficiency requirements:

For majors taught in Chinese, applicants' Chinese proficiency: Undergraduates must have HSK level 3 and above, and master and doctoral students must have HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) level 4 and above, and submit a scanned copy of the qualified certificate. (When entering the journal, submit the original copy)

English-taught majors do not require applicants' Chinese proficiency. Applicants from non-English speaking countries have a TOEFL score of at least 90 or an IELTS score of at least 6.5.


The duration of the scholarship is the same as the academic system of each major of our school.

For Chinese-taught majors, if the scholarship students do not meet the requirements for entering the major (HSK level 5 for undergraduates, HSK level 5 for masters and doctoral students), they must take one year of Chinese tuition after coming to China, and they can enter the major after passing the exam. Learn.


4) Admissions Major

Please refer to the catalog of undergraduate, doctoral, and master's enrollment programs for international students.

( Https:// ).


5) Application materials

1. "Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form", filled out in Chinese or English.

Applicants need to fill in and submit the electronic application information through the "Online Application System for Studying in China" of the China Scholarship Council.

The website of the CSC Online Application System for Studying in China is


the number of the acceptance agency required for online applications is 10355.

2. All application materials required in the current year's international students' admissions guidelines for undergraduate, master's, and doctoral degrees: (see the current year's admissions guidelines for details

(1) A scanned copy of your passport;

(2) Recent personal ID photos (photo format requirements: color 2-inch headless ID photos, white background without borders, head occupies 2/3 of the size of the photo, the size of the photo is not less than 320*240 pixels, the aspect ratio is 4: 3. The size is 100-500KB, JPG format);

(3) Notarized highest education certificate. If the applicant is a student at school, a certificate of enrollment issued by the school must be submitted separately. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations;

(4) Academic transcripts. Scholars pursuing a bachelor's degree must provide transcripts at the high school level; scholars pursuing a master's degree must provide transcripts at the undergraduate level; those pursuing a doctorate must provide transcripts at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translations;

(5) "Certificate of No Criminal Record" (Chinese or English);

(6) Study or research plan in China. Applicants must submit a study or research plan written in Chinese or English;

China Academy of Art International Students Studying Ph.D. Postgraduate Research Plan.doc

China Academy of Art International Students Studying a Master's Degree Postgraduate Research Plan.doc

(7) Letter of recommendation. Two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors must be submitted, with the signature of the recommender in Chinese or English, with the contact phone number and email attached; expert recommendation letter.doc

(8) Applicants must provide application documents and portfolios according to the professional requirements they are applying for (the content of the application documents must include the content of the thesis topics required by the relevant majors, see the professional catalog for details, apply for a master's degree at least 1,000 words, and apply for a doctorate at least 1,500 The applicant must provide a collection of creative works related to the applied major; the name of the work and the size of the work must be marked at the bottom of each work); students applying for the art theory major should submit at least one essay related to the major of 2000 words. For the professional catalog, please refer to the enrollment guide of the year:

(9) Scanned copy of "Foreigner Physical Examination Form" (the original is kept by yourself). Applicants should strictly follow the required items in the "Foreigner Physical Examination Form" and provide a chest X-ray picture and a blood test report list. The "Foreigner Physical Examination Form" that is missing, does not have a photo of the person affixed, or the photo is not stamped with a seam seal, is not signed and stamped by the doctor and the hospital is invalid. Because the examination result is valid for 6 months, the applicant is requested to determine the time for the physical examination accordingly;


(10) A scanned copy of the "Tuberculosis Examination Report", the applicant must be tested for tuberculosis (Tuberculosis) in a regular hospital or testing institution. The inspection results are valid for 6 months.

(11) Copies of language (Chinese or English) proficiency test scores. Applicants for Chinese-taught majors: Undergraduate students must submit HSK level 3 and above, and master and doctoral students must submit HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) level 4 and above. (Chinese proficiency does not meet the professional study requirements (undergraduate students HSK level 5, master and doctoral students HSK level 5), after coming to China, you must take one-year Chinese tuition, and you can enter the professional study after passing the test.) Applicants for English-taught majors will provide TOEFL Or IELTS score certificate (not required for native English speakers);

(12) Remittance voucher for registration fee (Internet banking remittance is not accepted). The registration fee is 800 yuan, please remit to the account of China Academy of Art, the details are the account name: China Academy of Art, account number: 1202024409014432078, bank name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Hangzhou Branch Hubin Branch, China Academy of Art Address: Hangzhou Nanshan Road 218, attached Words: The registration fee for international students xxx of the International Education Institute.

The above application materials must be passed through the International Student Admissions System of China Academy of Art before April 5th.


Fill in and submit online. Incomplete application materials will not be accepted.

Note: After receiving the application materials, the school will pass the "Online Application System for Studying in China"


Perform review processing. Applicants who have refilled or modified their registration information through the "Online Application System for Studying in China" must re-submit the "Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form" to our school. Otherwise, the school cannot proceed.


6) Admission and notification

1. Admission and assessment implement the professional selection method of "preliminary review + interview". After the applicant completes the online application in the International Student Admissions System of the China Academy of Art, the International Education Institute of the China Academy of Art will conduct a preliminary assessment of the applicant’s qualifications. The method of upper assessment is to carry out the basic selection in a unified manner, mainly to review the applicant's Chinese language ability, professional ability, academic research ability, etc.), and finally to comprehensively evaluate the results and select the best admission.

2. The school will report the admission results to the China Scholarship Council for review within the specified time.

3. After being reviewed and approved by the China Scholarship Council, the school will notify the scholarship winners in July and issue the "Admission Notice" and other relevant admission materials.


7) Other

1. After coming to China, scholarship recipients must be managed by the relevant provisions of the Chinese Government Scholarship and participate in the annual scholarship review by the "Chinese Government Scholarship Annual Review Measures". Those who fail the annual review of the scholarship will be suspended or disqualified from the scholarship.

2. The scholarship recipients of this program cannot change their admission institutions after coming to China; in principle, they cannot change their majors and duration of the study.

3. Scholarship students who need to suspend their studies due to serious illnesses should return to their home countries for recuperation and pay for their own travel expenses; after the school approves to suspend their scholars, the scholarship qualifications can be retained for up to one year, but the scholarship living expenses will be suspended during the suspension. Scholarship students who suspend their studies due to other reasons, their qualifications for scholarships will not be retained.

4. The right to interpret this enrollment method belongs to the International Education Institute of China Academy of Art.

5. For other requirements and content of the Chinese Government Scholarship, please check the website of the China Scholarship Council



8) Contact details

Phone: +86-571-87164712



Address: Office 201, International Education College, Building 16, China Academy of Art, 352 Xiangshan Road, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

Postal Code: 310024

Contact: Teacher Luan

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