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Admissions Guide for Non-degree Programs

Non-degree courses are divided into long-term academic courses, short-term academic courses, and oriental studies courses.


1. Long-term academic courses and short-term academic courses

The long-term academic courses and short-term academic courses are divided into the Chinese language workshops of the International College, the Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy workshops (taught in English), and all majors of other schools/departments. Short-term courses are usually 2 to 8 weeks in length.

Non-degree courses: rolling deadlines throughout the year


2. Oriental Studies

The Oriental Research Project is dedicated to the study of traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy and invites CAA professors to teach.

The art form of Chinese calligraphy and painting has a unique and complete aesthetic evaluation system. In addition to representing visual art forms with unique characteristics, they also contain rich and profound cultural wisdom and heritage.


3. Oriental studies courses are divided into short-term Chinese cultural tours and professional courses

①The length of cultural excursion (above 10 people) varies.

Short-term courses and cultural tours can meet the needs of various groups.

②Professional courses (more than eight persons) are divided into Chinese landscape painting, Chinese painting and calligraphy, calligraphy, and appreciation.


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