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The school holds a training meeting

Issuing time: 2021-05-13

On the afternoon of May 11, the school held a 2020 asset verification work summary and a new version of the asset management system operation training meeting, aiming to further standardize the school’s asset management work and improve the digital level of asset management. Deputy Dean Fu Qiaoling, heads of the Planning and Finance Department, Experimental Teaching and Equipment Management Center, and asset managers of various departments (units) attended the meeting.


Zhang Zhiming, deputy director of the Planning and Finance Department, introduced the stock of assets of our school in 2010. The data showed that the total amount of assets has increased and the management is not easy. At the meeting, he summarized the situation of school assets verification in 2020, and the existing asset utilization rate Key issues such as low, untimely transfer of assets, and untimely disposal of assets were reported, and rectification opinions and suggestions were put forward. In response to the existing problems of asset management, the original Assets Office and the software company developed a new version of the asset management system. The new system has several highlights: realizing the data sharing of procurement, assets, and financial systems; establishing an asset adjustment and allocation market; building an asset inventory and inventory network model Establish a standardized display and disposal approval process; establish an asset sharing database; strengthen asset management and control mode; realize asset label self-printing; realize asset management mobile approval; realize asset change message reminder.

Through information technology to implement asset management work to individuals, it is possible to accurately understand the changes in assets and strengthen management, promote the sharing and adjustment of assets in the school, and at the same time improve the inconvenience of the operation of the old system, reduce the workload of asset managers, and realize "everyone All are asset managers".

Hu Huijun, Director of the Experimental Teaching and Equipment Management Center, pointed out that the various departments of asset management should work together to promote the informationization of asset management, and proposed that asset managers should establish a sense of service and serve teachers with heart and patience. At the same time, all departments (units) are required to conduct self-inspection and improvement against the asset verification issues in 2020.


Vice President Fu Qiaoling emphasized the importance of informatization of asset management from the three aspects of digital empowerment, comprehensive and intelligent governance of universities, and financial internal control management. By the spirit of the "Administrative State-owned Assets Management Regulations" (State Council Order No. 738), What are the problems? What are the problems to be solved? Make requirements, and form a management model with unified systems and supporting services. At the same time, it is pointed out that the new version of the asset management system realizes the intelligent integration of finance, procurement, and asset management, which is a major change in the school's asset management information work. This measure is in line with the key promotion work of our school in 2021, and it also closely follows the wisdom of Zhejiang and wisdom education. The pace of development.

The new version of the asset management system software development company conducted overall training on the main functions and operations of the system.



After the training meeting, the teachers at the meeting discussed the functions of the new system in conjunction with daily asset management work. The school asset management department will work with technical personnel to continuously optimize and improve the new version of the asset management system, further strengthen the modernization, intelligence, and convenience of asset management, and improve asset Use benefits.

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