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Celebrate New Year's Day

On December 31, 2020, the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences successfully held the 2021 New Year's Day online teacher-student party.

Party Secretary Fang Jun attended the event and delivered a speech. Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President Chen Wanquan, and Vice President Zhang Yinglu attended the event together with all teachers and students.

In his speech, Fang Jun emphasized that 2020 is an unforgettable year. In the face of the sudden epidemic, the graduate school uses online platforms to carry out course teaching, party and group activities, conduct dissertation defenses in batches, and organize students to return to school and leave school in an orderly manner.

It has effectively ensured that the prevention and control of the epidemic and the education and teaching work are both correct and correct.

After the full resumption of work and school, graduate education has made gratifying progress, the scale of enrollment has been steadily expanded, the curriculum system has been continuously optimized, the discipline layout has been improved, and the quality of training has been significantly improved.

Fang Jun hopes that the majority of agricultural science students will deeply understand the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on postgraduate education, take the responsibility of strengthening agriculture and rejuvenating agriculture.

Shoulder the great historical mission of my country’s transformation from an agricultural country to an agricultural country, and promote the overall revitalization of the countryside. Realize the modernization of agriculture and rural areas to make new and greater contributions.

The party kicked off with the youthful opening dance "Yes OK!". The girl's cross-talk "I Love Reading" used humorous language to convey the students' enthusiasm for learning and learning.

Melodious instrumental music singing "Slow-paced Travel", "A Serenade in the Middle of the Moon", shows the special artistic temperament of agricultural science students in addition to scientific research.

Scene reading and dance "I Saw" vividly interprets the bravery and perseverance of front-line workers in the fight against the epidemic and the responsibility of agricultural scientists in the face of the epidemic Responsible.

Guzheng performance "Fighting Typhoon", tea art performance "Ye Jia Geng Su", Hanfu classical dance "Hundred Flowers Chao Rui", as if to bring time back to ancient times, bringing a special cultural experience for all teachers and students.

T stage show "Youth is in "On the Road" is full of fashion, demonstrating the passion and vitality of agricultural science students. the sketch "This birthday is not easy" brought out the touching deeds of agricultural science and technology workers helping poverty alleviation through family misunderstandings, which is moving.

Bangladeshi students perform The singing and dancing of "Little Apple" brought the party to a climax; the professional performance brought by the special guests from the Military and Cultural College of the National Defense University also gained the praise of the students on the live broadcast platform.

The party was held by the 2020 graduate students The curtain call came to a successful conclusion in the chorus of "I Love You China" by the Youth League Committee and the student cadres of the Graduate Union.






The graduate school actively innovated the team-study activity model according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control and the actual work.

In 2021, the teacher-student party on New Year’s Day was held online for the first time, which not only built a stage for all agricultural science students to fully display their talents, and enriched the campus culture Life, through the online platform, has further expanded the social influence, allowing more faculty and staff, family members and parents of students to participate in it, and has achieved good responses. Up to now, 25,000 people have watched the party online.




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