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Leaders visit Postgraduates

On the morning of February 8, Fang Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Graduate School, Chen Wanquan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Dean, and Zhang Yinglu, Vice Dean.

Came to the student dormitory and student study room, and on behalf of the graduate school leadership, they cordially expressed their visits to the students staying at the school during the winter vacation and the Spring Festival.

To send them sincere care and blessings for the new year. Relevant responsible comrades including the Training Department and the Graduate Work Department accompanied them to attend the activities of the visit.




In the student dormitory and self-study room, Fang Jun, Chen Wanquan, and Zhang Yinglu had a cordial exchange with the remaining graduate students.

They inquired in detail about their current study and living conditions and their plans during the Spring Festival.

On the Spring Festival visits. Fang Jun hopes that all students will cherish the special experience of the Chinese New Year in Beijing, care for each other, keep in touch with parents and teachers, use the vacation time to enrich themselves, and welcome the new semester with a full spirit.




To make every effort to ensure that students staying at school during the winter vacation and the Spring Festival can rest assured for the New Year.

The Graduate School earnestly implements the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the New Year's Day 2021 and the Spring Festival" issued by the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council.

"Notice on New Year Service Guarantee Work" and other documents, implement the deployment requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Education, and the Party Group of the Academy on the prevention and control of the Spring Festival epidemic.

The first time responds to the teacher's and students’ advocacy of "Chinese New Year on the spot", and the leadership team has held multiple meetings.

The special meeting studied the issues related to students staying in school during the winter vacation and the Spring Festival, carefully planned and actively promoted the implementation of various safeguard measures.

One is to strengthen education management. Formulate the epidemic prevention and control and student management work plan for domestic graduate students during the winter vacation in 2021.

And issue the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in Student Management During the Winter Vacation in 2021", and leave and stay in the school during the intensive study phase of the curriculum and the research phase of returning to the institute.

Various requirements have been clearly stipulated to guide students to do personal protection and safety precautions and to obey the requirements of epidemic prevention and control in their territories.

The second is to improve the personnel ledger. Establish a 2020-level temporary person in charge to manage the WeChat group during the winter vacation and the warm-hearted mutual assistance QQ group for postgraduates in the school.

Arrange for special personnel to do daily statistics and report on the epidemic prevention information of the students in the school, and dynamically update the personnel situation during the winter vacation and the Spring Festival to ensure the accuracy of the personnel information.

The third is to strengthen safeguard measures. The student canteen, student bathroom, and other places will be open as usual during the Spring Festival, ensuring the life of the international students during the Spring Festival.

The fourth is to enrich cultural life. During the winter vacation and the Spring Festival, all postgraduates were organized online to carry out the theme group day activities of "Grasp the new situation of agriculture, rural areas, and farmers and help the new development of agricultural sciences", "a letter from family" solicitation, "the taste of hometown" sharing.

And online reading sharing Organizing all graduate students to sign up for the "Chongqing Geological Cup" National Natural Literature Competition for College Students, and watching online lectures on the "New Crown Epidemic and the Road to Science", enriched the vacation life of the graduate students.


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