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Organizing volunteer service activities

March 5 is the memorial day of learning from Lei Feng, and also the 22nd day of Chinese youth volunteer service.

In order to further carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, the Youth League Committee of the Graduate School organized a series of volunteer service activities with the theme of "Exhibiting Volunteer Style and Creating a Civilized Campus".

Through activities such as donating clothes, advocating garbage sorting, and volunteering signatures, the students are guided to actively participate, and the dedication and love from me have fully demonstrated the good spirit of the new era of agricultural science.




On the day of the event, volunteers hung up promotional banners throughout the campus, set up collection points for old books and clothes in the halls of Building 1 and Building 2 of the student apartment, and set up volunteer service signature points in front of the teaching building.

At the same time, volunteers also posted garbage classification signs at various garbage disposal points on campus, set up publicity panels, and arranged special personnel to popularize garbage classification knowledge on the spot.

The enthusiasm of the students was high, and the response was enthusiastic. A total of nearly 200 pieces of clothing and more than 30 books donated by the students were collected.




After the event, the Youth League Committee of the Graduate School donated all kinds of items it received to the China Charity Federation, which was fully affirmed by the China Charity Federation and issued an honorary certificate to the Graduate School.

The students said that through this activity, Lei Feng's spirit has taken root in their hearts, and they will use practical actions to promote the noble character of selfless dedication and helpfulness in future study and life and contribute to the creation of a harmonious and beautiful agricultural campus. Own power.





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