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Chinese Government Scholarship

1. Accept the application

Applicants learn about the scholarship information through the "Study in China Network", and after confirming the selected school and major, contact the Chinese embassy (consulate) or other accepting agency to learn about the specific operations and procedures; and Submit the application materials on the "CSC Online Application Information Platform for Studying in China" The application period is from January to April each year.


2. Review application materials

The CSC will review the application materials submitted by various countries by relevant regulations; assign a CSC No. for each applicant; determine the applicant’s student category and funding method and preliminarily determine his major; Accept colleges and universities, and send the above information to relevant colleges and universities through the "information platform". The review time is from May to July each year.


3. School admission

The school will review the applicant’s materials according to the list allocated by the Scholarship Council. If the school’s major settings are not suitable for the applicant’s volunteers or fail to take the entrance examination, our school will transfer the information. Go to the next voluntary college; for applicants who meet the requirements of the school to confirm admission, our school will prepare the "Admission Notice" and print the "JW201" form of the "Visa Application Form for Foreign Students Studying in China" and send it by the regulations. Scholarship Council. The admission time is from May to July each year.

Note: Chinese tuition and professional preparatory courses are implemented by the relevant regulations of the China Scholarship Council and our school.

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