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"Cloud classroom"



Algeria time, at 2 o'clock in the morning on February 26, 2020, Nora, an international master student of the School of Design, turned on the computer and joined the Chinese classmates to enter the "Image Theme and Narrative" class, and jointly started the online teaching of the new semester.

At the same time, studying online with Nora, there are also 65 international students from China Central Academy of Fine Arts scattered in multiple cities in China and 150 in different time zones and locations around the world. At this "epidemic" very special moment, in order to get a good school's online teaching courses.

Everyone adjusted the biological clock to "CAFA TIME" in Beijing time, set the alarm clock, downloaded the software, and entered the class group, and they were fully prepared for learning. Jin Bomin, an undergraduate of the Chinese Painting Academy in South Korea.

Made a simple easel with his dad in order to get a good drawing course. International students worked hard to overcome the time difference and the difficulties in tools and materials to ensure that they could complete their studies on time. In WeChat groups, conference apps, mobile phones, and computers.

Everyone listens to teachers and discusses with classmates, sharing the same room on five continents, learning from all over the world, small screen windows, large campuses, and online teaching make the global village into a big classroom and become a student "Yangmei STYLE" studio.

While insisting on studying, the international students also spontaneously shot a group of short videos, using the same identity of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, and speaking together in Chinese, cheering for China and Wuhan, looking forward to meeting with the teachers and students of China Central Academy of Fine Arts on the Spring Campus.

The classmates are of one mind, the end of the world is next to mountains and rivers will be unharmed, the world will be safe and Wuhan, come on! Go China!


Gan Zhuoan, a Panamanian student from the Department of Printmaking (upper middle school, third-year undergraduate of the Department of Printmaking), is in the online class, and Dean Fan Di’an is conducting a teaching inspection.


Nora, an Algerian master student from the School of Design (upper left), attends the class on time at 2 o'clock local time


Bangladesh international student Shaka (lower middle school, second-year undergraduate of the Department of Oil Painting) connects with the teacher on a mobile phone.


A simple easel made by Korean undergraduate Kim Bomin and his father at the Chinese Painting Academy

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