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Five majors won the first-class undergraduate specialty construction site in China

Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued No. 7 (2021) No. 7 "Notice on Announcement of the List of National and Provincial First-Class Undergraduate Professional Construction Sites in 2020".

The Ministry of Education has identified 3977 national-level first-class undergraduate major construction sites. Among them, 1,387 are central circuits and 2,590 are local circuits.

The five majors of "Art History", "Sculpture", "Calligraphy", "Product Design", and "Art and Technology" of China Central Academy of Fine Arts have been awarded the first-class national-level undergraduate majors, and the digital media art has been awarded the Beijing-level first-rate majors.

In 2019, six majors including Chinese painting, experimental art, visual communication, fine arts, painting, and architecture were awarded first-class national-level majors. Up to now, there are 11 national-level first-class majors in China Central Academy of Fine Arts and 1 Beijing-level key first-class major. 3 Beijing-level first-class majors.

Undergraduate teaching is the core of China Central Academy of Fine Arts for a century. There are currently 25 undergraduate majors in our school. In the process of building a world-class university of fine arts, the school has successively formulated top-level development planning documents.

Such as "The 13th Five-Year Development Plan of China Central Academy of Fine Arts" and the "China Central Academy of Fine ArtsFirst-Class Discipline Construction Plan". Subject form, curriculum structure, teaching system, creative scientific research, social services, international exchanges.

And other aspects are all-rounded to carry out subject construction and put forward "based on the basis, based on the strong", from the professional connotation, training model, faculty, and condition guarantee Promote the construction of high-level undergraduates in an all-round way.

In the process of constructing an international art discipline system, China Central Academy of Fine Arts continuously explores the internal relationship between professional settings and the training of high-end art talents.

Invests high-quality teachers in undergraduate teaching, and focuses on implementing the "International Top Talent Introduction Program", and vigorously introduces well-known domestic and foreign The artists, designers, architects, and art historians of art historians maintain a rich level of international cooperation teaching and frequent academic lectures and forums to provide high-quality cutting-edge global academic resources for talent training.

Our school adheres to the theme of development, takes the overall improvement of the quality of talent training and the level of running a school as the mainline, implements the teaching-centered and scientific research-oriented thinking, vigorously strengthens the construction of disciplines and scientific foundations, and realizes the cross-disciplinary awareness of the whole discipline pattern The essence of a leap.

In order to better strengthen first-class undergraduates, build first-class majors, cultivate first-class talents, comprehensively revitalize undergraduate education, improve talent training capabilities of colleges and universities, and realize the connotative development of higher education.

The college will continue to optimize and adjust the professional structure and focus on the construction of new liberal arts. The approved national-level and Beijing-level first-class professional construction sites are leading demonstrations. By strengthening the integrated construction of "discipline-professional-curriculum".

Perfecting professional construction planning, promoting professional construction quality, and combining first-class discipline construction and first-class undergraduate construction The engine is launched to form a high-level talent training system and promote the development of the school in the new century.



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