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Postgraduate program

(1) Training goals and educational system

China Central Academy of Fine Arts is an art academy directly under the Ministry of Education. The school has a long history of running a school, profound academic accumulation, excellent teaching staff, a first-class teaching environment, and facilities, and it is an advanced fine arts academy that cultivates high-quality and high-quality art professionals. It is the highest level of national art education and art creation research and has a wide range of international influences.

China Central Academy of Fine Arts is one of the earliest universities in my country to carry out postgraduate education. The school currently has six academic first-level disciplines: art theory, fine arts, design, architecture, urban and rural planning, and landscape architecture. Our school is committed to cultivating senior art professionals who know China and friends, have a solid professional and theoretical foundation, and are engaged in art research, creation, and teaching. In 2021, our school will recruit full-time academic master students from all over the world. International students who have completed all the courses stipulated in the training program by the regulations, and meet the graduation requirements, will be awarded a degree certificate; those who meet the relevant requirements of the Central Academy of Fine Arts for the award of graduate degrees will be awarded a master's degree. The academic master's degree in three years.


(2) Qualifications

1. Foreign nationals;

2. Possess a degree equivalent to that of a Chinese bachelor's degree or equivalent academic ability (college graduated);

3. Love China, good moral character, and good health;


(3) Registration procedures

1. Registration method: Email registration time is November 2-6, 2020

2. Registration email:

3. Materials to be submitted during registration:

  • Foreign candidates submit the electronic version of the first page and visa page of their passport;
  • Naturalization certificate or birth certificate (if you have a Chinese household registration before, you need to provide a certificate of cancellation);
  • Bachelor's degree certificate (new graduates can first issue a pre-graduation certificate and submit the certificate before admission) or equivalent academic diploma (equivalent to a domestic college graduation certificate) in electronic version;
  • Candidates of foreign nationality hand in a valid certificate of HSK Chinese Proficiency Test (Applicants for painting, sculpture, design, and architecture must reach level 5, and those applying for theory majors must reach level 6) electronic version (can be submitted before admission);
  • Foreign candidates submit the completed "Application Form" (download from the college, insert the electronic ID photo in the photo);
  • A recent electronic ID photo of the same negative with the front half-length headless and capless
  • Professional application materials:

A: Candidates applying for various majors of the School of Humanities submit one of their own thesis.

B: Candidates applying for various majors of the School of Art Management and Education submit one of their own thesis, resume, and professional self-report.

C: Candidates applying for the academic degree of the School of Architecture in various majors, submit a. a portfolio of works (size: A4 size, within 30 pages); b. a future research plan of about 1500 words, reflecting the reported research direction Thinking and knowing.

D: Candidates applying for the academic degree of the School of Design should submit their own thesis or a translation (about 3000 words).

E: Candidates who apply for the academic degree of "Visual Creative Industry Research" of the School of Urban Design shall submit their own thesis or a translation. H The registration fee for foreign candidates is RMB 800, which is non-refundable after registration; cash is paid when the admission ticket is received.

4. The admission ticket will not be sent out. Candidates should collect it at the International Students Office one day before the exam.


(4) Exam

1. Examination date: According to the national unified examination time arrangement (the specific time is subject to the admission ticket).

2. Exam Location: Central Academy of Fine Arts, Huajiadi Campus.

3. Examination method: divided into preliminary examination and re-examination. The first re-examination is arranged at the same time (except for the majors of the School of Humanities and the School of Art Management and Education). Please refer to the "Professional Catalogue" for the corresponding types of subjects for the first retest.

4. Candidates with the same academic ability must take additional examinations of two main undergraduate courses. For the additional examination content of each major, please refer to the corresponding type of "Professional Catalog". Some of our school's professional research directions do not admit candidates with the same academic ability, please apply for the exam with caution.

5. The preliminary examinations of the majors of the School of Humanities and Art Management and Education shall be arranged by the Central Academy of Fine Arts examination. The retest list and time will be announced on the official website of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in late March.


(5) Tuition

The tuition fee for full-time academic degree master's students is 60,000 yuan/academic year; Accommodation: Solve by yourself outside the school.


(6) Admission

preferred selection. The admission list will be announced on the school's official website in early June. Those who have not been admitted will not be notified separately.


(7) Contact information

College address:8 Huajiadi South Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Postal Code: 100102

College website:

Contact number: 010-64771019 (International Students Office)

Fax: 010-64771019


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