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Description of the student association

The Student Association of China Central Academy of Fine Arts is a mass organization of students of the school under the leadership of the school party committee and the guidance of the school league committee. It participates in the All-China Student Federation and the Beijing Student Federation as a group member. China Central Academy of Fine Arts Student Association adheres to the four basic principles, implements the party's line and educational policy, carries out patriotism and collectivism education, guides students to establish correct ideals, beliefs, values, and outlook on life, and unites young students for the construction of the country Contribute to development and development; reflect the opinions and suggestions of students, and become a bridge between the school and students; represent and safeguard the specific rights and interests of students, promote and guide the growth of students and serve the overall development of students. The Student Association of China Central Academy of Fine Arts has functional departments such as the Office, Organization Department, Propaganda Department, Learning Practice Department, Art Department, Life Department, Sports Department, Outreach Department, Girls Department, and Exhibition Department.


The Student Association Office of China Central Academy of Fine Arts is an important department directly under the Standing Committee of the Central American Student Association. It has first-hand information about the Student Association and the Academy. As the hub department of the Student Association, the office is mainly responsible for the communication and coordination between the various departments of the Student association, manage the daily affairs of the Student association, do a good job in the communication between students and teachers, and serve the teachers and students of the whole school. At the same time, we will also independently organize various exquisite activities, such as: "One Year · Recalling the Year, Central American Poster Retrospective", "Reading Book Festival", "Hall of Fame", etc., to enrich students' campus life.


The Organization Department is subordinate to the Student Association of the school. It is mainly responsible for the selection, training, and assessment of school Student association cadres, assisting the Youth League Committee in strengthening the information education, organizational education, and cadre training of the Communist Youth League members, and supervising the colleges to carry out the Youth League activities on time and with high quality. At the same time, The Organization Department is also a platform for cadres to communicate with the Student Association of the compound and the Student Association system of various faculties. We also undertake the work of organizing and assisting the Student association - in addition to activities such as Student association quality development, fire prevention week, quiz, and Lei Feng Day, we also assist the Student association in completing other activities.


The Publicity Department is the publicity window of the Student Association and the entire school. It uses traditional paper media and new media as a publicity platform. It is responsible for the Student association publication "Space News" magazine, the "Student union of China Central Academy of Fine Arts" official WeChat operation, and some publicity columns, school Student association The layout of the manual. In addition, we also hold a variety of traditional large-scale activities, such as: "The Most Beautiful Chinese Student Photography Contest", etc., to show the students' unique artistic style.


The Learning Practice Department is a serious and lively and joyous department, affiliated with the Student Association of China Central Academy of Fine Arts. It is in charge of the construction of the style of study and academic activities, as well as improving the learning awareness of students and creating a learning atmosphere on campus. The main activities of the department are a series of lectures facing famous teachers and a series of video carnival activities.


The Art Department belongs to the small fresh meat and old fried dough sticks from all over the world and the various colleges of the Central American Academy of Sciences. Here we have different personalities and different depths of mind. Just imagine what kind of gluttonous elements such as music, dance, art, design, performance, etc. will form in everyone's hands Gourmet feast? Held campus singer contest, May song party, New Year's Day party and other activities.


The purpose of the Life Rights Department is to provide a better campus life for the teachers and students of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, safeguard the rights and interests of every student, and be pragmatic in all aspects of food, housing and transportation. We are always paying attention to the quality of life of our students, and regularly communicate and supervise with school canteens, student apartments, small supermarkets, network centers, card machine centers, laundry rooms, and infirmaries, and conduct regular discussions on issues such as prices, hygiene, and opening hours. discuss. The signature activities of the Ministry of Life Rights and Interests each year: exchange fairs, the cutest people, flea markets, and will also co-organize the selection of campus dishes with the school canteen, the "CD" campaign, and the selection of civilized dormitories jointly organized by the student apartment, etc., which are closely related to the students. activity.


The Department of Physical Education is a student organization affiliated with the School Student Association. Its responsibility is to provide a healthy and convenient sports environment for the majority of the students in the school, and "make suggestions" for everyone's health. The Student Association Sports Department will co-organize some activities with the school, such as annual sports meets, futsal games, basketball games, and table tennis games.


The External Relations Department, as the name suggests, is the Student Association organization that communicates with the outside world. The targets include not only enterprises and businesses in the society, but also major art and comprehensive colleges and universities. The special activities of the Outreach Department also revolve around it, such as rich lectures similar to commoner bands, "From-To" events organized in cooperation with non-profit organizations, and CAFA discount card activities organized in conjunction with many nearby businesses of the Academy of Fine Arts, and so on.


The girls' department is called the Queen's Rights and Interests Department, adhering to the purpose of safeguarding the rights of girls and establishing a new generation of women's style, serving the healthy growth of the majority of female students. CAFA·SNAP autumn/winter campus street shooting is held in the first semester of each academic year; during the Queen’s Day in the second semester, we prepared fresh flowers for each queen and set up a queen's wish wall; the third semester has the highlight of the graduation season— CAFA modern times creative clothing show. At the same time, the school etiquette team in the Queen's Ministry also played an important role in various activities.


The exhibition department is the department that organizes our own exhibitions for the people of Central America. We not only have various interesting exhibitions such as reading, writing, drawing, and theme exhibitions, but also provide various exhibition information and hold lectures.


Student association event photos


2018 New Year's Gala, School of Plastic Arts, Mural Painting Department Dance "CAFADptM Hall 1"



"The Most Beautiful China" Student Theme Photo Contest Exhibition Site



The first prize of "The Most Beautiful China" Student Theme Photography Contest Xiong Wei "A Thousand Years More"

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