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Undergraduate Admissions Guide

China Central Academy of Fine Arts is the only higher art school directly under the Ministry of Education. Founded in April 1950, it is located in Beijing. The school has a long history of running a school, profound academic accumulation, excellent teaching staff, a first-class teaching environment, and facilities. It is an advanced art institution that cultivates high-quality and high-quality art professionals and represents the highest level of national art education and art creation research. It has a wide range of international influences.

There are eight professional colleges including Chinese Painting College, Plastic Arts College, Design College, Architecture College, Humanities College, Urban Design College, Experimental Art College, Art Management and Education College, with Chinese painting, painting, calligraphy, sculpture, fine arts, and art Learn more than 30 majors, in theory, design, architecture, photography, animation, experimental art, and art management. Our school is committed to cultivating senior art professionals who know China and friends, have a solid professional and theoretical foundation, and are engaged in art research, creation, and teaching.


(1) Application materials

1." China Central Academy of Fine Arts International Student Admission Application Form"

2.Copy of the first page and visa page of your passport

3.High school (including high school and above) certificate and transcript

4.Naturalization certificate or birth certificate (if you have a Chinese household registration before, you need to provide a certificate of cancellation)

5.HSK(New Chinese Proficiency Test)5Copy of a valid certificate of grade or above

6.Two recent one-inch full-length color photos of myself

7.Application fee (RMB800yuan)


(2) Registration time

2021year5month6Day to5month31day


(3) Registration method

Please submit or mail the application materials to the International Students Office. See the address below


(4) Examination

1. Exam day:2021year6month20day (offline exam)

2. Exam location: China Central Academy of Fine Arts

3. Exam subjects: see "2021Notice of Undergraduate Entrance Examination for International Students of Central Fine Arts Institute, Notification will be6Released at the beginning of the month.


(5) Admission

preferred selection,6month30The list of candidates to be admitted will be released on the day, and those who have not been admitted will not be notified separately.


(6) Main majors

1. Chinese painting

2. modeling

3. Fine Arts

4. design

5. building

6. Experimental art


(7) Tuition

Renminbi52000yuan/Learn year.


(8) Contact information

telephone / fax: +86-10-64771019


Address: Huajiadi South Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 8 number 100102 China Central Academy of Fine Arts

International Student OfficeTian Lu Wang Yunai

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