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【College of International Education】International Cultural Festival Classroom Activities

On the morning of September 5th, " International Cultural Festival - Classroom Activities of International Education College " was held in classroom 2A501 of Mingde Building. Dean Zhao Jinlu, Vice Dean Chen Lin, Teacher Wang Shuai, some freshmen, and an art troupe from " Heart of North America " Three artists participated in this event.

       At the beginning of the event, the host introduced the three artists who came to " Jia " to visit in fluent English-Jan, MacKenzie, and Danelle, and expressed welcome and gratitude to the teachers, students, and guests present.

       In order to narrow the distance between guests and students, the event kicked off with an icebreaker game—Two Truth One Lie. The host invited the guest to say three paragraphs about himself with a student, and guess which one is a lie. The humor and weirdness of the guests fully aroused the enthusiasm of the students, and the atmosphere gradually improved.


       After the game, the teacher played the micro study abroad PPT to introduce Canadian overseas classrooms to everyone. Since then, the activity has entered an interactive session. The students actively asked visiting artists about art and Canadian culture and expressed their yearning for Canadian overseas classrooms.

Student 1: Hello, I really have an interest in Canada and want to go to college there someday. I heard that Canadians are very kind and enthusiastic. Is that true?

DanelleYes. Most Canadians are friendly and willing to help others, even strangers. The problem of discrimination is not serious. But remember, don't tread on private lawns, even the most tolerant Canadians may get angry. (laugh)

       Student 2: Well, I used to learn the guitar when I was a child, but I soon gave up because it's too difficult. In my opinion, dancing is more difficult than a guitar. How did you stick to it and learn so well?

Jan: Okay, it's a classic problem. The way you learn everything is the same, which is practice. So never give up easily, you are still young.

       Student 2: Thank you!

       After the questions, Danelle and MacKenzie improvised a beautiful and moving dance for everyone at the invitation of the host, showing their beautiful figure and gentle dance.


       In the end, the event ushered in a climax. The Dean of the International Education Institute Zhao Jinlu personally issued letters of appointment to the three North American Heart artists, thanking them for their participation, and the International Education Institute's 18 -level international classroom activities ended successfully.

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