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【College of International Education】Listen to the beauty of elegant art—the tutor takes us into the National Grand Theater

September 6 evening of 19:30, Zhaojin Lu Dean, 18 instructors and all of 2018 on behalf of some students at the National Theater, together enjoy the performance by the Shanghai National Music Orchestra "Shanghai Bund Odyssey story."

       The National Centre for the Performing Arts is located on the west side of Tiananmen Square. The central building is a unique shell shape, surrounded by man-made lakes and large green plants, like stars arching over the moon, and the scenery is beautiful. After everyone arrived at the destination, they were attracted by the beautiful scenery and took pictures together.

       Walking into the concert hall, its fresh and elegant architectural style is perfectly combined with various high-tech wall designs, giving people a peaceful and comfortable feeling. After all the audience has been seated and the band conductor finished the corresponding etiquette, the performance officially began. The rhythm of the music is slow and urgent, and there is tension and relaxation. Both the audience and the performers on the stage are intoxicated.

" Shanghai Odyssey ·The Bund Story " is the first time that the Shanghai National Orchestra commissioned a foreign composer to create and direct the entire national orchestral work, presenting a novel and unique new tone of folk music. Its main theme is " Promote Chinese national art and promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. "

       Appreciating this extremely successful Chinese folk music work created by foreign composers on this largest platform for cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries is of great significance to Ka Wah students who are going to the world in the future. As an " international " pioneering college, this mentoring activity allows students to experience high art and at the same time have a deeper understanding of Western culture. Students of the International Academy, I hope you will continue to work hard and enter the world under the leadership of your mentor!

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