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Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship

To encourage and support excellent international students looking for further education in China Agricultural University (CAU), the Beijing government establishes the “Beijing Government Scholarship for International Students” project. CAU “Scholarship for International Students” Assessment Committee is responsible for the assessment and award alone with the administration of the project. 

Application details for the academic year 2020~2021 are as follows:


 I. Grade, Type, Value, and Quota 




Tuition remission for academic year 2020~2021 

Tuition remission for the semester


Tuition remission for academic year 2020~2021


Tuition remission for academic year 2020~2021 

Ps: Students who have been awarded a Beijing Government Scholarship must attend an annual comprehensive evaluation in April each year, which will decide whether they can continue to receive the scholarship. 

Please refer to " China Agricultural University International Students Scholarship Administrative Measures" for Annual comprehensive evaluation methods 


II. Qualifications of Applicants 

1. Applicants are required to be non-Chinese citizens with good heath, and are willing to obey laws and regulations in China.

2. Applicants should be international students applying for admission of CAU degree program in 2018.

3.Not be admitted as participants of MBA, IMBA, MPA projects. 

4. Those who have been awarded Chinese Government Scholarship or got the scholarship provided by the other institutions are not allowed to apply for this scholarship.


III. Application Materials 

1. Completion of “Application Form for Beijing Government Scholarship” 

2. Letter of recommendation from the former school

3.For Undergraduate Degree Program, please refer to Admission to Undergraduate Programs of China Agricultural University for the documents needed by item three;

For the Master and Doctor Degree Program, please refer to Admission to Graduate Programs of China Agricultural University for the documents required by item three.
Note: Materials submitted are not returned, whether you are awarded or not. 


IV. Application Deadline 

The application deadline is April 30th, 2020. Please submit all your application materials to International Students Office before the deadline.


V. Award and Announcement 

CAU “Beijing Government Scholarships for International Students” Assessment Committee will assess the application materials and the awards list will be announced before June 30th, 2017 at the website of CAU International Students Office.


VI. Contact Information 

International Office  China Agricultural University

Mail: Room 412 Main Building No.17 Qinghua Donglu,Haidian District, Beijing, 100083, P.R.CHINA

Phone: +86 10 62736704     

Fax: +86 10 6273 7704



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