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To see the peony

The campus in April, spring is flourishing, and everything is lovely.




Recently, a hundred flowers blossomed on our campus, and the peonies are also competing for beauty. In front of the school history museum and other places, you can see all kinds of peonies blooming with fragrance.

And the beauty is beautiful at first glance. Seeing that the red glow, the pink saijiaoyan, and the white can lose the snow, really adds a lot of good colors to the National Agricultural University.






In mid-April, the best time is as promised. The campus is not only beautiful but also full of vigor and vitality. Many teachers and classmates pass by the peony bushes and have to take pictures.

In front of the gorgeous peonies, their complexion is also differently ruddy. Perhaps the beautiful scenery can make people feel happier, more energetic, and the people in the photos are more beautiful than the flowers.






According to reports, there are many peony gardens on the east side of the first teaching building.

The south side of the School of Food Science, the front of the school history museum, the northwest triangle of the bathroom store, the southwest side of the School of Resources and Environmental Sciences, and the south side of the Science Building. There are more than 2,400 peony gardens in total. More than 100 varieties.






Peony's face is beautiful and beautiful, and the beauty of the dust is added. At this time, the weather is warm and cold, everyone should pay attention to reasonable increase and decrease of clothes while enjoying the flowers, and take care of your body. May everyone live up to the spring, march forward in the fragrance of flowers, make yourself more fulfilled, and make the University of Agriculture more beautiful.

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