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Interview with sun Qixin

News from this website On May 6, the "Voice of Representatives" column of "People's Daily" launched a column "Building a World-Class University with Chinese Characteristics", inviting several university presidents who are representatives of the National People's Congress to talk about building a world-class university with Chinese characteristics.

Sun Qixin, the president of our school, was interviewed by People's Daily and talked about building a world-class university with Chinese characteristics under the topic of "Building a New Pattern of Disciplinary Development". The relevant news is as follows.


Sun Qixin, deputy to the National People's Congress and president of China Agricultural University: constructing a new pattern of the discipline development.

Discipline is an important carrier that undertakes the functions of a university, the core symbol of a world-class university, and the platform foundation that supports the innovation and development of the university.

At present, facing new changes in the domestic and international environment, Chinese universities urgently need to continuously improve the quality of talent training.

Provide more high-level scientific and technological innovation supplies, take multiple measures to promote the construction of first-class disciplines, and continue to play a role in the cultivation of high-end talents, the construction of strategic scientific and technological strength, Leading role in basic frontier exploration.

The first is to create a new discipline ecosystem. Adhere to the guidance of national strategic needs, lead emerging, cutting-edge, and interdisciplinary innovation fields.

breakthrough discipline, and professional barriers and build a discipline ecosystem with outstanding advantages and characteristics, significant interaction support, and coordinated development.

The second is to strengthen the construction of disciplines is urgently needed fields. Implement the requirements of the "Four Faces".

Which center on key areas urgently needed for national economic and social development, base on scientific and technological innovation, base on building morality, follow discipline development laws, innovate discipline construction models, and accelerate the deployment of several new disciplines.

The third is to adhere to the development of disciplines. Practicing the new development concept, transforming and upgrading traditional disciplines with modern science and technology.

Highlighting the advantages and characteristics of the disciplines, reversing the situation of "one thousand schools", promoting the construction of new engineering, new medicine, new agriculture, and new liberal arts to meet the needs of economic and social development. The needs of different types of talents.




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