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Entrepreneurship guidance course won the second prize



Recently, at the Beijing University Entrepreneurship Guidance Course Teaching Competition held by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, the course "Foundation of Undergraduate Entrepreneurship" taught by Zhang Hu from the Employment Guidance Center of our school won the second prize.

Three universities, Capital Normal University, Central University for Nationalities, and Beijing University of Chemical Technology won the first prize. Five universities including our school and the University of International Business and Economics won the second prize.

In recent years, our school has attached great importance to the construction of employment guidance courses, strengthened teacher training, improved teaching content and methods, and carried out teaching research.

After several years of hard work, our school’s employment guidance courses have achieved rapid development, with rich and innovative teaching content and teaching methods.

Flexible and diversified, the teaching level and effect are obviously improved. At present, there are 3 public elective courses of "College Students Career Planning", "Job Search Skills", and "Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Fundamentals".

The number of elective courses per academic year exceeds 1,500. In 2013, the course "Career Planning for College Students" of our school was awarded as a demonstration course of employment guidance for colleges and universities in Beijing

In addition to offering courses, the Career Guidance Center enriches entrepreneurial education content through entrepreneurial forums, entrepreneur lectures, entrepreneurial alumni seminars, business visits, and other second classrooms.

It has specially built student entrepreneurship activity rooms and entrepreneurship practice bases to provide students with an office.

A place for communication and practice, employing corporate mentors to guide students' entrepreneurial projects and cultivating students' entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial ability in an all-around way.

The Career Guidance Center also cooperates with the Academic Affairs Office and the Youth League Committee to support college students’ entrepreneurial projects.

In 2012, the pig breeding entrepreneurship project supported by the Employment Guidance Center and the Academic Affairs Office won the "Entrepreneurship Project Award" and the "Favorite Project" two awards in the "Fifth National College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Annual Conference".

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