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Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Shiji College to cultivate talents in the era of information technology

Century College of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications was established in 2005 with the approval of the Ministry of Education. It is a full-time undergraduate college organized by Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and Beijing Xuehan Education Technology Co., Ltd. in accordance with the new mechanism and new school model. It is a university directly under the Ministry of Education in Beijing. The first independent college.

The college is located in Kangzhuang Town, Yanqing District. The existing campus covers an area of 500 acres, with sufficient teaching and auxiliary rooms, a separate library building and laboratory building. The library has a collection of more than 688,900 books, more than 456,300 e-books, 470 hours of audio and video, and 85 accessible databases, which can fully meet the learning needs of students.

The teaching teachers of the college are composed of teachers selected by Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, full-time college teachers, and external teachers (including teachers who have just retired from colleges and related engineering and technical personnel in the industry). The college currently has 312 full-time and part-time teachers, of which more than 39% have senior professional titles.

Based on the field of electronic information, the college focuses on electronic information majors such as communication engineering and electronic information engineering, and features digital media majors. It has established a professional theoretical teaching system and practice covering four disciplines: engineering, management, culture, and art Teaching system and quality education system. The college now has 7 teaching units: Communication and Information Engineering, Automation, Computer Science and Technology, Economics and Management, Art and Media, Foreign Languages, and Basic Teaching. There are a total of communication engineering, electronic information engineering, and Internet of Things engineering. , Logistics engineering, mechatronics engineering, automation, computer science and technology, software engineering , e-commerce, financial management, digital media art, digital media technology, communication, English, etc. 14 majors are recruiting, with 2 Beijing-level first-class majors Undergraduate majors, nearly 5,000 students are enrolled.

The college has 7 college-level experimental teaching centers, and each center has laboratories. There are 90 laboratories in the college, and more than 900 experimental projects have been opened. After more than 10 years of construction and development, the Digital Media Experimental Teaching Center, Engineering Education Training Center, and Internet Business Management Experimental Center were first rated as "Beijing Colleges and Universities Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center". 3 universities with the title of provincial and municipal experimental teaching demonstration centers. Relying on 3 municipal demonstration centers, the college has established 5 on-campus comprehensive internships, including a comprehensive training base for communication engineering, a comprehensive training base for network engineering, a comprehensive training base for robots, a comprehensive training base for economic management, and a comprehensive training base for digital media. Practical training base, 1 Beijing key laboratory, 1 national off-campus practice education base for college students, 1 Beijing-level off-campus talent training base and 1 Beijing high school demonstration on-campus innovation practice base, which meets the needs of students' professional application The need for capacity building.

The college has successively signed internship training base agreements with 59 companies including ZTE, China Mobile, Crystal Stone, China Postal Savings, etc., and sent students to enter the enterprise internship training, and completed the graduation design under the guidance of the corporate instructor; dispatched teachers to participate in the enterprise The summer practice ensures that the training of talents is closely integrated with the development of professional industries. At the same time, the college actively introduces corporate resources into the campus, and co-organizes the "Yiyang Class" with Yiyang Xintong Company to cultivate application-oriented modern communication talents in a targeted manner.

The college is based on undergraduate education, expands international cooperation, and actively explores the new talent training model of "undergraduate education + English + professional certificate + overseas learning", becoming the first Chinese university approved to join the IELTS global search engine system, and also the first An independent college in Beijing that has obtained the qualification to accept international students. The academy has signed a friendship agreement with universities interscholastic the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Finland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and other countries. The Sino-US Internet of Things Credit Mutual Recognition Exchange Learning Project has been set up, and academic education and short-term course training cooperation have been carried out to provide professional and social training for students. At present, more than 300 people from the college have gone to Britain, France, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Finland, Germany and other countries for study and exchange, and have accepted 17 batches of international students to study in our college.

College teachers and students have achieved remarkable results in subject competitions. So far, students have participated in the American International College Student Mathematical Modeling Contest, the National Software Professional Talent Design and Development Contest, the National College Student Network Business Innovation Application Contest, the International Underwater Robot Contest, the five North China provinces, and Beijing City College Student Robotics Competition, National College Student Electronic Design Competition, Beijing College Student Computer Application Technology Competition, College Student Computer Design Competition, Capital University Logistics Design Competition and other various competitions, a total of 229 people won international awards, 337 people won national awards, and 2,630 people It has won provincial and ministerial awards, and the number of winners ranks first among similar institutions. Many teachers have won prizes in the Beijing Private Education Gardener Award, the National College English Teaching Competition, and the basic skills of ideological and political theory teaching in Beijing colleges and universities. The mobile phone (mobile terminal) animation standard led by the research group of our institute has officially become an international technical standard, and has been evaluated as "an important standard for Chinese technology and Chinese standards in the cultural field to go global."

The average employment rate of 12 graduates of the college has reached over 97%, more than 4,000 people are employed in state-owned enterprises and institutions, and more than 900 people have obtained master's degrees at home and abroad. The college has established an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Center to carry out systematic innovation and entrepreneurship education and create a science and technology innovation base for college students. It has 1 innovation base and 11 innovation studios, and invests nearly 500,000 yuan in special funds each year. At the same time, with the strong support of the college, students' entrepreneurial enthusiasm is soaring, and successful cases continue to emerge. The college won the "National Youth Entrepreneurship Education Annual Advanced Collective" and "National Private College Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Model School Cultural Construction Award".

With the construction and development of the college, the college has been widely recognized by the society and its influence has gradually increased. It has successively won the "National Advanced Independent College", "Beijing 5A Social Organization", "Advanced Unit for Training Talents in China Animation and Game", and "National Software Specialty". Talent Design and Development Competition Winning School", "The Most Influential Independent College in the Country", "Beijing Excellent College for College Students' Innovative Practice Activities", "Beijing Excellent Organization for Free Blood Donation", "Advanced Unit for Military (Police) and Civilian Joint Construction" It has successfully built a national new media industry base animation creation and talent training center, a national safety production publicity and education digital product research and development base, a national industrial and information talent training comprehensive service platform certification and evaluation center, and a higher education professional committee of the Chinese private education society The training base has repeatedly won collective awards from Beijing Security System.

Since the establishment of the college, leaders at all levels have successively inspected and guided the work of the college, and fully affirmed Century College’s law-based schooling, standardized management, high teaching level, and multi-level talent training model, especially for the training of the college. The students' innovative spirit and practical ability were highly praised for their exploration.

The college actively explores connotative development, implements engineering education and engineer training, intensifies school-enterprise cooperation and international cooperation and exchanges, and strives to become more refined and stronger. It has formed the core competitiveness of the college and comprehensively upgraded its service capabilities in the area of regional economy and information. The college is built into an influential applied university, laying a solid foundation for building a distinctive engineering college.

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