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Dialogue with History and Civilization, and Harmony of Asian Cultures-International Academy Trade Union visits "Greater America Asia-Asian Civilization Exhibition"

The International College Union was formally established on July 9, 2019. The school’s vice president and labor union chairman Guan Zhongjun is very concerned about the establishment of the International College’s labor union. Zhao Xiaomin, the executive vice chairman of the school’s labor union, proposed at the meeting that the International College’s labor union should be based on the characteristics of international education services and combined with the reality of the international college’s education work to create the International College Labor Union. Special brand activities, serving employees, serving international students, broadening the international vision of employees, and improving the quality of staff. In order to implement this work positioning and implement specific tasks, combined with the actual situation that 80% of international students come from the Belt and Road countries, the International College Union organized the faculty and staff of the college to visit the National Museum of "Greater America and Asia -" on July 11, 2019. Asian Civilization Exhibition".

The exhibition has a luxurious lineup, bringing together a total of 451 cultural relics from 47 Asian countries and two ancient civilizations of Greece and Egypt, including 109 Chinese cultural relics, my country’s heavyweight national treasure of the Warring States Period "Zeng Hou Yi" bronze plate, and a long letter from the Han Dynasty. Palace lanterns are all included in the exhibition. The exhibition takes "the juxtaposition of diverse civilizations and the interlinkage of ancient and modern civilizations" as the main line, and is divided into four parts. The first part is "Beauty is in the East for a long time", explaining that Asia is the source of human civilization; the second part is "Beauty is on the road for a long time", showing the economic and trade cultural ties established by ancient China and Asian countries through the Silk Road; third; The part "The United States and the United States share the world together" shows the exchanges and cooperation between China and Asian countries in the field of cultural heritage; the fourth part "The Beauty of Beauty Exchanges" shows the gifts given by Chinese leaders in diplomatic activities with Asian leaders, showing the new Friendly exchanges and cultural exchanges between China and Asian countries.

During the visit, the long history of Asian civilization and the dazzling cultural treasures shocked and moved the teachers. Through the visit, everyone learned about the cultural "shock" brought about by the civilization development of different countries, experienced the cultural heritage of the growth environment of international students from these countries, and broadened their international horizons. In future practical work, it will be easier for teachers and students to resonate in exchanges with students from different countries. While disseminating Chinese culture, it will achieve cultural integration and dialogue between civilizations.

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