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Happy Learning, Healthy Life-Gathering together in the 6th International Cultural Festival of Capital Medical University

The world is splendid and colorful due to exchanges and integration, and civilizations are rich and colorful due to exchanges and mutual learning. As the disseminator of human civilization and the pioneer of cultural education, the university shoulders the sacred mission of cultivating international talents, deepening the cultural understanding of various countries, promoting international cultural sharing, and realizing the peaceful development of mankind. The International College has always been an important platform for the school to promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries and to build a "global village" full of international atmosphere in all aspects.

On June 15th, the 6th International Cultural Festival of Capital Medical University hosted by the International College tried for the first time a form of integrating educational themes with cultural display and launched the theme of "Happy Learning, Healthy Life" to provide international students with self-enrichment. , A stage for self-exhibition and self-improvement. This cultural festival will be presented in two forms: an international style display and a characteristic art performance. Booths from India, Bangladesh, East Timor, Indonesia, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, China, and other countries and Africa attracted international students from more than 60 countries and many Chinese students. Characteristic food, traditional songs and dances, national costumes, handicrafts, and cultural customs pictures fully show the customs and characteristic cultures of various countries. The various exhibits and props made by students themselves are vivid, bringing an international gathering to teachers and students. A cultural carnival that combines sex, culture, education, and entertainment.

At the opening ceremony, Pan Fangfang, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, fully affirmed the school’s development of international education and the achievements of international student education management over the past ten years and emphasized that the capital, Beijing, as an international metropolis of the best area, should play an important role. The important role of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission for the work of studying in China. Wang Songling, Vice President of Capital Medical University, highly praised the form of integrating educational themes with cultural displays and the theme of "Happy Learning, Healthy Life" during this cultural festival, and described the school's development achievements, marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. On this occasion, I hope that the Cultural Festival not only reflects the rapid development of China but also presents the harmonious integration of cultures from all over the world; at the same time, through the training of international medical education talents, it will promote the implementation of national strategies such as the “Belt and Road” initiative. The cultural festival specially invited Mr. Li Dongmei, the deputy secretary-general of Love Home of You're Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, and set up AIDS prevention posters and booths. Teacher Li’s speech was closely related to the theme of the event, promoted the significance and responsibilities of AIDS prevention work, and encouraged international students to contribute to voluntary charity activities, "Knowing AIDS prevention and sharing health", and attaches great importance to the work of student AIDS prevention in the International College. The meticulous design of integrating education into cultural activities is deeply appreciated.

In the booths of various countries, international students enthusiastically introduced their country's history, culture, historical sites, and customs. The hand-painted "Hannah" by the Bengali girls attracted many Chinese classmates and teachers. The hand-made kaleidoscope played fascinating pictures of the history of the Bengali ethnic group; besides the elephant props made by the students, they held the garland. Indian beauties in sari have auspicious moles on the eyebrows of teachers and classmates, explaining the historical relics of India and the development of modern technology shown in the pictures; Persian carpets and other cotton silk products in Iran, as well as ingenious artworks and wonderful sweets. People linger forever; Uganda and South Africa’s unique exquisite handicrafts let everyone appreciate the African style; Chinese students’ calligraphy and painting works create a strong Chinese cultural atmosphere, and teachers teach overseas students to make rice dumplings and snooze on the spot; they are attracted to the Indonesian booth by the fragrance of Indonesian fried rice The students here are bustling and the various cuisines of Thailand are attracting attention and are popular; the East Timorese girls are busy teaching their classmates to wear traditional national costumes, the Nepalese students are promoting the beauty of traveling on the roof of the world, and the students in the lively booths in Pakistan are making creative ideas. Full of interactive games, the vivid and three-dimensional cartoon images in the photo zone attracted audiences of all sizes to come to take pictures...The souvenirs from all over the world are shining. The international cultural elements of different countries and nationalities are blooming, blending, and sublimating here!

In the performance area, various cultural performances won the audience's cheers. This year's cultural festival also incorporates Chinese culture. The opening of the Beijing Opera performance "Singing Facial Makeup" by 8 foreign students, 4 beautiful Central Asian and Persian girls played by Yang Guifei, Mu Guiying, Yu Ji, and Cheng Xue's, Gu Pan Shenghui. Overlord of Chu, Yang Liang, Zhao Yun, and Monkey King aired the sky and won a full house at the opening. Foreigners performed the quintessence of China, which attracted teachers and students to take photos with actors. The school delegation sent Chinese students to help out with erhu and a Zhongruan performance. "Horse Racing" is magnificent and brings people into the arena of galloping horses; the exciting Bollywood song and dance and costume show by Indian students are exciting, and the beautiful folk songs and wonderful Persian dances accompanied by the guitar by Iranian students make the audience mesmerized. Nepal’s love songs resonated with the audience, Indonesia’s bamboo piano ensemble is beautiful, African students’ passionate samba makes people eager to try, East Timor’s songs are wild and indulgent, and Bangladesh’s students’ dance skewers show the tradition, life, and celebration. Modern and modern Bangladesh has pushed the cultural festival performance to a climax.

This cultural festival pays special attention to cultivating the public welfare attitude and spirit of cooperation among international students. A team of volunteers is set up to participate in it. The background board of the stage is designed by the international students, which means understanding the world and China through a cultural perspective. The surroundings are decorated with national flowers of various countries to make the background color. Numerous; nearly a hundred international students completed the work of video, audio, venue, art, program, hosting, logistics, security, etc.; posters of all participating countries were designed and produced by the students themselves, and the "Best Poster Award" was specially set up to encourage international students working behind the scenes Volunteer, the posters produced by Iranian students stand out for highlighting the montage style of the film power; African students put together cartoon images of African elements on the map of Africa and titled the second place. The "Best Cultural House Award" encouraged international students who worked hard to prepare their booths. In the end, the Bangladesh booth and the Indian booth won the crown.

This cultural festival fully demonstrated the unity, friendship, talent, and health of the Chinese and foreign students of the First Medical University. It has built a platform for exchanges between international students, Chinese and foreign students, and teachers and students, and broadened the students’ understanding of the world and China. Cultural vision. Education is the carrier, and culture is the link. Through the cultural festival, the ability of intercultural communication among students is improved, culture is spread, understanding is deepened, and friendship is enhanced. While striving to improve the quality of education and management level, the International College will actively organize various forms of cultural and sports activities for international students, strive to create a colorful international cultural atmosphere, further enhance the sense of belonging of international students, enhance the feeling of love for the school, and serve the school education internationally.化 development.

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