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Keep fire safety in mind to prevent trouble before "burning"-International Academy holds 2019 fire evacuation drill

In order to cultivate students’ awareness of fire protection, master knowledge of fire safety, and improve students’ self-rescue and mutual rescue capabilities and their ability to respond to emergencies, on November 28, 2019, the International College organized the whole building of teachers and students in conjunction with the "Safe Campus" activity. The fire evacuation drill activity allows every student to be familiar with fire safety knowledge, familiar with the escape route of Bohui Building, and know quick and effective escape methods in case of fire. 426 Chinese and foreign students participated in this exercise.

At 16:20 in the afternoon, as the student in Room 830 shouted "Fire", the internal security and the teacher on duty at the front desk responded quickly, and the central control room called the police. When the alarm sounded through the 12-story building of the International College, the teachers and student volunteers in charge of evacuation on each floor directed the students in the building to evacuate in an orderly manner. After arriving at the designated safe area, the instructor teacher quickly counted the number of people and reported to the commander-in-chief to complete the entire evacuation exercise.

After the exercise, Ms. Peng Xiaochun, deputy director of the Security Office, pointed out that the school attaches great importance to the fire safety of students. The fire evacuation exercise is of great significance and is an important exercise. If a fire occurs, it will be the guarantee of life. Fire safety is not a game. It is a major event, a major event related to life. Director Peng gave safety reminders to all teachers and students participating in the exercise, emphasizing the importance of fire prevention in the dormitory, smoking in the dormitory is strictly prohibited, high-power electrical appliances are strictly prohibited, the power must be cut off when leaving the room, and the kitchen must be guarded when cooking. Don't leave. In addition, in view of the situation that some students of the International College are riding electric bicycles, Director Peng emphasized that while electric bicycles bring convenience to life, they also have certain safety risks. You must buy legal and compliant electric bicycles. It is strictly forbidden to charge the battery of an electric bicycle indoors. You must go through the driving procedures as required when you are on the road. You must abide by the traffic rules during the driving process. Do not overload, speed, or grab the road. In the event of a traffic accident, you should call the police or report to the school as soon as possible The teacher reports that no one can escape; if there is a violation, the school will deal with it seriously after discovery.

Teacher Liu Tianjiao from the Student Services Office of the International College put forward three requirements to the students participating in the exercise on behalf of the college: one must prevent fires, abide by school rules and regulations, and use electricity and fire reasonably; second, learn escape skills and use fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment; The third is that every student must have a sense of public responsibility. Students must care, help, and remind each other, and report safety hazards to the teacher in time.

Afterwards, Mr. Chen Kun from the Security Department explained the use of fire extinguishers and the precautions during use to the foreign students in brief and vivid language. The foreign students learned and experienced how to use fire extinguishers for fire fighting.

Taking the opportunity of fire safety education, and taking advantage of this fire evacuation exercise, the Student Services Office of the International College produced five themed education panels in both Chinese and English: "Fire Common Sense", "Safety Tips", "Common Drugs Revealed" and " Questions and Answers on HIV/AIDS Related Knowledge, "Reminders on Hidden Dangers in Apartment Safety" and "Convention of Residential Civilization" are available for residential students to study and read. After the exercise, Wang Yanping, the deputy dean of the International College, introduced the contents of the exhibition board to the teachers of the Security Department one by one. This safety publicity and education work reflects the importance of the International Academy to safety work, and has won unanimous praise from the teachers of the Security Department. After participating in the exercise, the students also went to the exhibition board to learn and read the safety knowledge on the exhibition board, and discussed and shared their learning experience with the surrounding students.

This fire evacuation exercise has received technical guidance and strong support from the school’s security office in all aspects of the evacuation plan, work layout, and specific implementation. The activity enhanced the fire safety awareness of teachers and students, and played an important role in popularizing fire safety knowledge and improving students' ability to respond to sudden disasters and protect themselves. The fire is ruthless, and we need to be vigilant at all times. The International College has always put safety education in the first place, starting from the bits and pieces in work and life, and infiltrating safety education into the daily education and management of students, frequent reminders, frequent inspections, and frequent publicity, standardize behavior, and prevent fire accidents. Occurrence, to provide a strong guarantee for creating a safe, healthy and happy learning and living environment.

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