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Pay attention to firefighting and cherish life-International Academy launches fire safety month publicity and education activities and 2020 fire evacuation drill

In order to create a good fire safety environment, actively create a safe campus, and enhance the fire safety awareness of all teachers and students, in November, the International College launched a series of safety education and publicity activities with the theme of "paying attention to fire protection and cherishing life".
This series of safety education and publicity activities adopted a combination of online and offline publicity and training methods. Taking advantage of the students' leisure time, the International College International Student Apartment launched safety knowledge answering activities among the residential students, involving various safety issues that are closely related to students' study and life, such as property safety, traffic safety, laboratory safety, and fire safety. The students filled out the questionnaire and the teachers answered them in detail to help them keep their safety knowledge in mind, master the ability to escape, and respond quickly when encountering safety conditions in their lives, and use the safety knowledge they mastered to help themselves and protect their lives. The WeChat platform was used to popularize the knowledge of fire and evacuation safety for all residential students so that all residential students are familiar with building escape routes, safe exit locations, precautions when evacuation, and so on.

At 4:30 pm on November 19th, as the students in Room 831 shouted for help, "Fire! Fire!", the 2020 International College fire evacuation drills officially started. According to the fire alarm, the call for help, the police, and the emergency of the people in the building A series of evacuation processes such as evacuation, outdoor assembly, and counting of people were drilled. Mr. Chen Kun from the Security Department trained the teachers and students on how to properly use dry powder fire extinguishers, and let everyone remember to use the five-step method: one look, two shakes, three pulls, four grips, and five presses. In the on-site practice, teachers and students experienced the operation of "extinguishing the real fire". The enthusiasm of teachers and students was so high that they picked up fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire source, and truly mastered how to use fire extinguishers. Participants in the exercise included Chinese graduate students, international students, the faculty and staff of the International College, and some logistics staff in the building, totaling more than 120 people.
Peng Xiaochun, deputy director of the school's security office, teacher Chen Kun, and all members of the leadership team of the International College participated in the fire evacuation drill. Dean Wang Lei of the International College summarized the exercise and pointed out that the purpose of this activity is to strengthen campus safety work, enhance teachers and students’ awareness of fire safety, improve self-rescue prevention capabilities, and ensure that all emergency work is efficient and effective in the event of a fire. Carry out in an orderly manner to minimize casualties and property losses. Dean Wang urged the students to pay attention to the safety of electricity when they are in the dormitory, especially the charger, and be sure to turn off the power when they leave and be vigilant.
Finally, Ms. Peng Xiaochun, deputy director of the Security Department, affirmed the organization of the exercise: the preparation was serious and adequate, the teachers and students were nervous and orderly, and the team formed quickly. Teacher Peng Xiaochun emphasized that fire safety is a life-saving thing, and we must attach great importance to it. We must master the basic knowledge of firefighting, have the ability to fight fire, and escape skills. I hope that students will pay attention to personal safety while doing a good job in their studies and life. This is also a matter that involves every family, school, and teacher.
The launch of the fire safety month series of educational activities, especially the fire evacuation drills, effectively improved the ability of all teachers and students on the school’s west campus to deal with emergencies and provided a strong guarantee for the creation of a harmonious and safe campus environment.

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