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Stay away from drugs and cherish life-2019 international students visit Beijing Anti-drug Education Base

The International College of Capital Medical University has always attached great importance to anti-drug education. Anti-drug is not only an important part of enrollment education but also the focus of daily education for students. In order to further popularize the dangers of drugs and strengthen students’ awareness of drug control and the legal system, on the afternoon of October 18th, International College organized freshmen who had just entered the university campus to visit the Beijing Drug Control Education Base, bringing a meaningful drug prevention propaganda to students education.

The anti-drug exhibition hall is composed of ship hall, snake hall, sword hall and other parts. In the form of text, pictures, reliefs, and scene simulations, students will be introduced in detail to the classification of drugs, addiction mechanisms, drug hazards, and anti-drug achievements. From poppy fruit to opium, from ecstasy to heroin, the variety of drugs and the horrible situation of drug addicts have given students a new understanding of the types and harms of drugs. In addition, the lecturer also introduced in detail the influence of drugs on modern Chinese history, my country's anti-drug achievements and anti-drug laws and regulations, so that the students have a deep understanding of my country's anti-drug laws and regulations. A student from India said: “Drugs have both positive and negative effects. Proper use of drugs can cure patients. On the contrary, unsupervised abuse can be harmful to health and even fatal. Anti-drug education is very meaningful. We have gained protection for ourselves and the people around us. Valuable knowledge of drug abuse."

It is worth mentioning that the translation of the anti-drug commentary was performed by international student volunteers. Under the guidance counselor when a teacher, Liya (Brazil) and a quarter from 2019 Esprit (Spain) students review material history of modern Chinese anti-drug, drug-related learning vocabulary, to explain the translation done a very well prepared, on-site translation Without stage fright, this anti-drug tour is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

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