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China Conservatory of Music was established in 1964 and is known as the "cradle of Chinese musicians" and "the palace of Chinese music." The school adheres to the party’s leadership, adheres to the socialist direction of running a school, based on Chinese learning, has unique Chinese music education and research characteristics, and cultivates professional talents in Chinese music theory, Chinese music creation, and Chinese music performance. Education National Instruments, Strong National Music" is the school-running philosophy, advocating and building the "Chinese Music School", is the world's "first-class discipline" construction school, "Global Music Education Alliance" secretariat school. In 2020, it will be approved as a construction school of Beijing "High-level Research University".



China Conservatory of Music is the world’s only dual-tutorial doctoral training unit for the study of Chinese music and performing arts. It has a doctoral, master’s, and bachelor’s degree in music and dance disciplines. Government Scholarship for International Students in China". Majors include musicology, composition and composition technology theory, music performance, and music education, with composition department, Chinese Academy of Music Theory (Department of Musicology), Department of Conducting, China Academy of Vocal Art (Department of Vocal Music and Opera), and Department of Chinese Music, Department of Orchestra, Department of Piano, Department of Art Management, College of Education, Department of Ideological and Political Theory Teaching, Department of Basic Teaching, etc.



There are also Chinese Orchestra Advanced Innovation Center, Chinese Orchestra Research Institute, Graduate School, and Art Examination The center (aesthetic education center) and the affiliated high school have formed a multi-level teaching system integrating Chinese music theory, Chinese music creation, Chinese music performance, and music education.



The school has a gathering of famous teachers, strong teaching and scientific research capabilities, and all disciplines are at the leading level in the country. Leading talents of the National "Ten Thousand Talents Program", national cultural masters and "four batches" talents, national teaching teachers, national "Thousand Talents Program" talents, new century outstanding talents of the Ministry of Education, experts enjoying special government allowances from the State Council, national The presidents of various professional associations, the leading talents of Beijing "High-tech Innovation Program", the famous teaching teachers of Beijing "High-tech Innovation Program", the young and middle-aged experts with outstanding national contributions, the famous teaching teachers of Beijing, the scholars of Beijing Great Wall, the top talents of Beijing, etc. Many talent pools.



It is a national "Chinese national vocal music teaching team", a national "Chinese national instrumental music teaching team", a national characteristic professional construction site, a talent training model innovation experimental zone of the Ministry of Education, a Beijing philosophy and social science research base, a key discipline of Beijing, Undertaking the construction of national-level key scientific research projects has provided strong support.



Since the establishment of the school, the school has gathered and cultivated many famous music teachers and talents with important influence in the industry and abroad, and sent nearly 10,000 outstanding graduates of various majors at home and abroad. Adhere to the policy of open education, establish strategic partnerships with 31 world-class universities, and make important contributions to the promotion of cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign music and the inheritance, development, and promotion of Chinese music.



The school promotes the reform and innovation of party building and ideological and political work, subject development, education and teaching management, talent training quality, teaching staff structure, and comprehensive campus governance; not forgetting the original, absorbing foreigners, and facing the future; exploring an independent Chinese music education system and leading the world The direction of music education is to build a world-class higher music institution with Chinese characteristics.




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