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Cultural practice activities carried out smoothly

On April 9, the cultural practice activity " Perceive China · Ma'anshan Forest Park Tour " organized by the International Cultural Exchange Institute (International Student Management Office) was successfully held. More than 40 international students from Ghana, Pakistan, Tanzania, and other countries and regions participated in the activity. This cultural practice activity was led by teachers from the Student Affairs Office Chen Nan, You Mengjia, Ding Yudan, and Xu Liang.


Traveling along the lakeside of the forest park, having a picnic in the green grass, the international students let their moods fly together, harvest happiness, and revel in the breath of long grass warblers, running on the green roads of spring and Jingming. Tanzanian graduate student Abu said that it has been a whole year since Wuhan was lifted from the blockade. We finally ushered in the first spring after the epidemic. We can participate in this event and see the recovery of Wuhan and the beauty of nature. Very happy.


Organize this cultural practice so that international students into the spring, close to nature, while strengthening communication and an open heart, strive to feel the vitality of spring's bright and beautiful life.







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