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Won the "best performance award"

On the afternoon of March 7, the fifth session of the Central China Normal University female faculty and staff "Celebrating the March 8th Exhibition" dance competition held by the school union was successfully held in the Concert Hall of the Conservatory of Music.


A total of 29 units participated in this dance competition. The types of dances participating in the competition were rich and varied. A total of 14 female faculty members from the International Cultural Exchange Institute participated in the dance competition. The participating program was the classical dance "Jasmine". The participating female faculty and staff wore light green long skirts, held pink-green folding fans, and danced with beautiful classical music, presenting a perfect visual feast for the audience.


Since January 2021, with the care and support of the school leaders, the female faculty members have overcome various difficulties, and under the guidance of Teacher Ding Yudan, they have used their spare time to rehearse, and they have been striving for perfection in every detail, and finally achieved Significant progress, won the "Best Performance Award". This dance competition fully demonstrated the personal style of the college’s female faculty and staff and the strong cohesion of the college.







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