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Attend Original Song Concert

On the evening of March 30, the original song concert and album release conference of Central China Normal University was held in the concert hall. Samoan undergraduates Tu Meili and Fang Sisi, and Zimbabwean Ph.D. student Qiqi participated in this concert. Secretary Wang Li, Deputy Dean Sun Yan, and some teachers of the Student Management Office watched the performance.


The song "My Wuhan" sang by Fang Sisi, composed by Tu Weiwei and personally accompanied by the piano, recalled the most difficult time of the war in Wuhan, and expressed the true love of our school’s international students for China and Wuhan, and was deeply moved by those present. Every audience. Together with Chinese student Qiao Shiyu, Qiqi presented the rap song "Chasing Dreams" written and composed by her, which burst the audience and pushed the concert atmosphere to a climax. One song is affectionate like the sea, and the other is passionate like fire. International good voices sing the night sky of Guizi Mountain as if the continuous spring rain nourishes the hearts of every audience at the scene. Fang Sisi said I am very happy to be able to participate in this concert. The music allows me and my Chinese friends to cross national borders, make friends, and feel good.


This original song concert and album release conference is hosted by the Conservatory of Central China Normal University and undertaken by the Hubei Provincial Music Education Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center. It aims to implement the "Five Educations Simultaneously" education policy and showcase the results of aesthetic education, which is deeply loved by Chinese and foreign students. At the same time, it has also built a platform for international students to display their talents, allowing them to further perceive the charm of Chinese culture and campus culture.














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