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Carry out "model 5" observation activities

At 8:00 pm on March 22, the special program "Model 5", jointly recorded by the Central Organization Department and China Central Radio and Television Station, premiered on CCTV's integrated channel (CCTV-1). The program focuses on advanced grassroots party organizations and outstanding Communist Party members in the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Through typical deeds, on-site interviews with guests, poem recitations, revisiting party oaths, etc., shows Communist Party members who are actively engaged in epidemic prevention and control work The fearless spirit of daring to fight demonstrates the role of the grassroots party organization as a battle fortress and the exemplary vanguard role of party members, interprets the great anti-epidemic spirit of the supremacy of life and provides vivid teaching materials for the education of party members.


To ensure that the party members of the college watch "Model 5" seriously, the party branch of the college promotes and mobilizes the party members of the college to learn to watch the program by sending notices, forwarding links, and writing experience.


After watching the show, the party members and comrades were deeply moved by the role models' perseverance and the courage to take responsibility, and selfless dedication. Everyone expressed that they must take advanced models as examples, strive to be in line with them, start from oneself, start with small things, practice the original aspirations and missions with practical actions, strive to be outstanding Communist Party members in the new era, and cheer for China and fight for the Chinese dream.

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