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School life

(1) Catering

The school has 6 canteens, where you can use your student card to eat, and the price of each meal is 10-15 yuan. The main dining halls are as follows:

1. Guixiang Garden (West District)

2. Boya Garden (West District)

3. Students (East District)

4. Qinyuan Spring (Eastern District)

5. East One

6. East Two (Halal)


(2) Shopping

There are 3 large supermarkets on campus, where you can buy daily necessities.

1. Boyayuan Supermarket (West District)

2. Qinyuanchun Supermarket (East District)

3. Student Supermarket (East District)


(3) Bank

There are two banks on campus: Bank of China and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, both of which are located next to the downhill of the library .

International students can open an account only by presenting their admission notice and passport.


(4) The school hospital

Walk straight from the north gate and you can get medical treatment with your passport or student card.

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