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Marco Belle's short documentary is registered in central video

The short documentary "Marco Bellei of "Music Life": The Italian Who Injects Opera Cells into China" by Professor Marco Bellei, an Italian expert in Opera Art Directing in the Conducting Department of our school, is registered in the central video.

This program is a series of documentary short films of characters "Here is the Musical Life of China" launched by the European and Latin American Language Program Center of China Central Radio and Television.

This series focuses on foreign musicians in China, by recording their lives in China to show the vibrant social and cultural landscape of contemporary China, innovating the expression of "Chinese stories", and promoting cultural exchanges and mutual learning between the East and the West.



(Click on the picture to watch the video)


The film crew of the show followed in the footsteps of Professor Marco Bellei and used the lens to record highlights of his life and work in China, especially at the Central Conservatory of Music.

Including rehearsing and performing Rossini’s comedy opera "Gray" for our students. "Girl" and his feelings about China during the nationwide fight against the new crown epidemic in 2020.

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