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A letter to international students

Dear students:

Hello everyone!

Thank you very much for your support of the school’s epidemic prevention and control work in the past period of time! You have made special contributions to our school’s epidemic prevention and control work!

Now, as you can see, the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work has been completed In a critical period, the school has held many meetings to implement relevant national work requirements, and actively take response measures to effectively protect the health and safety of teachers and students.

Among them, the health and safety of all international students are one of the most important concerns of the school. It is our common expectation to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible and return to normal and happy campus life. Here, the school issues the following reminder to everyone:


1. Strictly observe the relevant notices of the Chinese government.

According to the notice from the Ministry of Education of China, the school has decided to postpone the return to school in the spring semester of the 2019-2020 academic year and to implement a fully closed management of the campus.

The specific return time to school is to be determined. Please wait patiently at home and do not return to Beijing early. The school has started online course teaching on March 2. I believe that students have started learning according to their own course selection.

If you encounter any problems during the learning process, please contact the teachers of the International Students Office and the Academic Affairs Department in time to deal with it. Good about learning matters.


2. Please earnestly perform your personal matters report and keep the information unblocked.

In order to ensure the health and safety of the students, the school will continue to keep statistics of everyone’s position changes and physical conditions on a daily basis.

If there is a position change, it is necessary to fill in the "Student Position Change Application Form" three days in advance.

If you and your family have a fever, dry cough, and fatigue If you have symptoms such as breathing difficulties, please seek medical advice in time, and report your physical condition to the teachers and department counselors in the International Students Office.


3. In view of the current situation of rising epidemics in various countries, please minimize going out.

If you really need to go out under special circumstances, be sure to take personal protection. In principle, students in other places (including foreign countries) should not return to Beijing.

For students who really need to return to Beijing under special circumstances, please apply to the International Students Office and your department in advance, and then leave after approval.


Central Conservatory of Music-china


4. Persevere in learning and live up to your youth.

Due to the epidemic, although we can only take classes online, please follow your attendance, as usual, join the group on time or open the class software, and practice piano every day, read books, cherish your study time, and strive to improve yourself.


Classmates, don't wait for me to prevent and control the epidemic. "When we meet on a narrow road, the brave win; after the storm is the rainbow"! Let us work together and make persistent efforts to welcome the day when we can meet again on campus!


Thanks again to the students for their continued understanding and support of the school's epidemic prevention and control work!

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