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Postgraduate program

1. Application conditions

(1) With a bachelor's degree and a bachelor's degree, under the age of 40.

(2) There should be two written recommendations from associate professors or above or scholars with equivalent titles.

(3) Physical health meets the required medical examination standards.


2. Registration and examination

(1) Application category: Full-time postgraduate students at their own expense.

(2) Registration: Online registration for professional examinations.

(3) Fill in the volunteers: Candidates can only fill in one major of the college. Please refer to Annex 1 for the application direction and tutors.

(4) Examination subjects: initial examination: major professional subjects; re-examination: basic professional subjects. For the requirements of professional subject examinations, please refer to Annex II, but the fourth piano examination is canceled; for reference books and examination syllabus, please refer to Annex III and Annex IV. The test is conducted in our hospital (Beijing), and there are no test centers in other places.

Note: Our school does not offer day language and Russian courses.


3. Admission and entrance

The admission notice will be sent to the candidates themselves in June, and the admission procedures will be handled according to the requirements of the admission notice.

Freshmen should report for admission at the beginning of the month, and the specific time is subject to the admission notice. After the freshmen report to our hospital for physical examination, those who do not meet the admission conditions will be disqualified.


4. Study and degree award

(1) The full-day school system for master's students is three years.

(2) To apply for a master's degree in Muqam's research field, the first year is to take a degree course at the Central Conservatory of Music, and the college also assigns relevant tutors to guide them. In the last two years, he was supervised by the relevant tutors in the writing of his dissertation at Xinjiang Art Institute. The thesis defense at the Central Conservatory of Music
gets on.

(3) For master students who apply for the music education department, the first year they study for a degree at the Central Conservatory of Music, the second year is assigned by the department to the "new system" promotion experimental site for teaching and internship, and the tutor will give them remote guidance during the same period. Return to school in the third year to complete the dissertation.

(4) Those who pass the courses and obtain the required credits; pass the degree works, degree concerts and thesis; those who meet the requirements of the "Regulations on Degrees of the People's Republic of China" can receive a master's degree certificate and a graduation certificate.


5. Tuition and accommodation

The tuition fee is planned to be RMB 43,000 per student per year (if there is a change in the current year tuition fee standard approved by the relevant departments of Beijing, the new standard will be implemented), and the full-year tuition fee will be paid once every year when registering.

Accommodation and other expenses are at your own expense. For accommodation issues, please consult the International Students Office of our college (+8610-66413202).


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