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The new term online theme group day was held



From winter to spring, we are about to usher in a new semester. In the days when we met online teaching, we cared about each other, stayed together, and learned together. We want to know how the classmates are during the winter vacation?

Are there new insights and new gains? Do you still insist on physical exercise? Are you still living seriously? Did you not forget your original intention when you were admitted to the hospital? Do you still want to grow into an outstanding musician?

Did you do your own profession at home during winter vacation? Did you encounter professional difficulties in the days when you left the teacher? 

At 10:00 am on March 6, 2021, the Violin Production Research Center held a theme group day and theme class meeting entitled "Hello, classmates!" The purpose of the activity is to exchange holiday information, connect the friendship of classmates, solve students' difficulties, and mobilize for the start of the new semester.

The whole meeting was presided over by the counselor, Mr. Wang Yajie, and the deputy head of the department and the secretary of the party branch, Professor Gao Tongtong, and the teacher of the class Yang Ninghe attended the meeting. The participating students are all affiliated high schools, undergraduates, and postgraduates.



(Screenshot of network video conference)


At the meeting, the students shared their personal life and learning photos and videos during the winter vacation. The students have abundant holiday activities.

Inspired by the suspension of classes last year, many students are equipped with professional workbenches and important tools at home. During the winter vacation, many people completed the production of violin parts and demonstrated them at the meeting.

Professor Gao Tongtong commented and encouraged the violin parts displayed by the students one by one, with a strong professional atmosphere.



(The piano code made at home by the student Xia Zhenshan during the winter vacation)



(Indonesian student Guo Bihong has not returned to school since the end of 2019. This is a saw made at home recently)



(The purple light box made by Ye Polin, a junior student at home during winter vacation)



(The third-year student Ye Polin showed and recommended professional journals for winter vacation)



(The piano head made by Li Zeyu, a junior student in winter vacation)



(Books read by Li Zeyu, a junior student in winter vacation)



(A set of workbenches and tools prepared by senior student Di Changkai at home)



(Attached to the violin panel and back panel made by Cheng Yufan, a second-year high school student in the winter vacation)


In the next semester's testimony, the students expressed their determination to overcome the difficulties caused by the epidemic in the new semester and continue to complete their studies. The students encouraged each other and sought common progress at the meeting, and the atmosphere was moving and inspiring.



(The second graduate student He Siluo is sharing his new semester testimonials)


In the context of solving difficult problems, the questions raised by the students are that they are worried that they will be affected by the epidemic and that they will not be able to complete the learning task of 7 violins before graduation.

At the same time, they also hope that the department will not be affected by the epidemic and continue to carry out construction. Before graduation, everyone can enjoy the happiness and beauty brought about by the improvement of the teaching conditions of the department studio.

Professor Gao Tongtong gave answers to the difficulties and guidance, and put forward the expectation and encouragement of not being afraid of difficulties, not forgetting "the original intention of entering the school", and studying hard.

Teacher Gao pointed out: Although the epidemic has brought a lot of inconvenience to our lives, what really matters is whether you have been persistent in your pursuit. Inspired by the impact of the 2019 epidemic on studies.

I once suggested before the holiday that students must be prepared for home study and equipped with professional equipment and utensils at home. Some students do it, and they will be helpful to professional learning during the winter vacation and the start of online courses.

I believe that the students are all people who have professional pursuits. As long as they have the heart, they can definitely achieve their wishes. I wish you all new progress in the new semester!

At the end of the meeting, Teacher Wang Yajie made a concluding remark. She said: Every one of us will not be able to go through the test of wind and waves in our life. This is the truest "life".

The key is that in the test of strong winds and waves, whether it is floating or sinking, ups and downs, everyone will have a different ending. And the ending depends on how much strength you have in your heart and how deep your personal cultivation is.

Only those who persist in pursuing and don't forget their original intentions can reach the ideal side in the wind and waves. At the end, Mr. Wang informed the students about the content and progress of the infrastructure renovation that the Violin Production Research Center is striving for since the beginning of the new semester.

At the same time, he showed that all teachers and property personnel insisted on coming to school every day to provide humidifiers for the studio during the winter vacation. Adding water, and the video of the teachers and property staff working hard to move the studio in the second phase of the renovation and renovation department.

To tell every student: the teachers have never stopped working hard so that the students can have an advanced and scientific learning environment, all The faculty and staff do not forget their original intentions, work hard, and always support every student!




(During the winter vacation, all teachers and property personnel of the Violin Making and Research Center will take turns to be on duty in the studio every day to add water to the humidifier to ensure that the humidity in the studio meets the requirements)

I would like to give this article to all students in the school and hope that all students can get their own inspiration and growth from the activities of a department.

All of our faculty and staff are preparing for the start of school in the near future, and we hope that every student can realize their professional dreams. We will not forget our original aspirations and work together!

I hope that all students can overcome the difficult impact of the new crown epidemic, and be able to overcome the setbacks and tribulations encountered in the process of life growth, study hard, never forget the original intention, and continue to work toward their goals!

Hello, classmates! Happy new semester! Welcome to the Central Conservatory of Music!

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